Saturday, November 17, 2018

8,000 miles

is the range of the newest missile tested by North Korea last week, putting all of the continental United States within Kim "Rocket Man" Jong Unís reach.e_SClB40%

of adults in the United States reported using prescription opioids in 2015.e_SClBOnly 1

prominent economist out of 38 across the ideological spectrum said the proposed tax cuts would yield substantial economic growth. However, they were unanimous, in a recurring University of Chicago survey, in judging that the tax cuts would add to the long-term federal debt burden, now estimated at more than $20 trillion.


of the American uninsured say they go without it because they cannot afford it.

11/2 times

pay is what American Airlines is offering pilots to fly Christmas week after a computer glitch allowed their vacation requests to go through without ensuring that another pilot would cover their flight that holiday week. American expects the pay bump to resolve the issue.