Pasco Letters to the Editor for July 12

Published July 15

Sidewalks don’t work for woman in wheelchair, so she’s using the bike lanes

I got stopped by the cops because someone was weirded out by a wheelchair in the freakishly tiny bike lane.

Well, Florida, I would be happy to use the sidewalks: if they weren’t so bumpy I nearly get tossed out of my chair; if they didn’t wind round and round, killing my battery before I get where I need to be; if they were wider so I didn’t have to play “chicken” with old people, strollers and other wheelchairs; if they didn’t have precarious slopes with no warning or protection; and if the lighting didn’t leave me wondering where the devil the sidewalk went and whether I could lift my chair out of the drainage ditch if I had to.

Until those “if’s” are fixed, prepare to see me in the crappy, 18-inch-wide bike lane. I have reflectors everywhere,with lights blinking on my chair arms and a string of lights in back, as well as an air horn. And I obey traffic laws, Florida, so get a grip, and improve your handicap accessibility.

Juanita Buckles, Holiday