Cross Dive Veteran Grabs Reward of Faith

I knew it was going to be special after I recorded the interviews, everyone was so passionate describing the event. With the help from fellow staffers Monica Herndon and Luis Santana, I was able to put together a nice piece which was nominated for a 2017 Emmy Award.

Protesters hold town hall with cardboard Marco Rubio

The Marco Rubio video was a self assigned stand alone piece. I had heard that local constituents were frustrated that Rubio hasen’t been in his district for a while and were holding a town hall without him. The event was slightly humorous but sadly serious. The people who showed up had real concerns and felt like they had no representation in Washington, DC.

Doug Hughes Finally Sends his Letters to Congress

Life After Prison-Floyd LaFountain Released After Recent Court Decisions

Crash victim feels lucky to be alive, feels compassion for those who died (1:39 published on

Music Teacher Prays After School Burns Down

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