Denzel Curry and City Morgue put on an performance at The Orpheum that would leave any crowd exhausted. City Morgue, a Nu-metal/Rap duo from New York, features Zillakami and Sosmula. The pair have become more popular in the last few months. Zillakami’s hardcore punk style and cryptic lyrics accompanied by Sosmula’s own rough lyrics about his time in New York, are sure to get you in the Mosh Pit fist swinging. City Morgue’s performance was bursting with energy, as the rappers stomped across the stage and performed songs like 33rd Blakk Glass and Drop Dead, that many fans in Florida thought they would never see live.

Shortly after City Morgue’s militant takeover, Florida rapper Denzel Curry brought his own cryptic melodies to the stage. Performing Clout Cobain and Sumo from Denzel’s newest album, Taboo, Curry brought the crowd from wavy to jumping in a matter of minutes. The crowd raged to some of Denzel’s older songs as well, such as his classic Ultimate or ULT. Curry even brought City Morgue back to the stage to perform the song Vengeance.

Many fans never imagined seeing these artists on the same tour together. Being from opposite ends of the East Coast the two shared similarities in their music but fans wondered what brought them together. “People just kept saying that we looked like each other, even his (Zillakami’s) mom said so,” Curry said. With their peers seeing the resemblance between the two, Curry and Zillakami are only getting started and will soon be taking the rage overseas. City Morgue’s long awaited project, Hell or High water is finally out, so fans worldwide can mosh to their heart’s content.