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4/12/13 10:45AM

Hillsborough County Middle School Students Compete in TiViTz Tournament at Busch Gardens

TiViTz, a math game for kids, makes learning competitive and fun.

TAMPA, FL – On Saturday, April 13, 2013 more than 100 middle school finalists and winners of their school tournaments will compete in a TiViTz Tournament sponsored by SAS Games in partnership with McDonald’s of Tampa Bay owner/operators in Hillsborough County. Students play TiViTz in school and since Tuesday, February 26, students, teachers and parents have gathered at McDonald’s locations each Tuesday for an afternoon of engaging TiViTz play centered on mathematics and strategy.

Students enjoy the competitive aspects of the game. “They love to play TiViTz and it reinforces their fluency in computation and develops reasoning skills, which are both in the national common core state standards for mathematics,” said Janet Bauman, Hillsborough County Middle School Mathematics Supervisor. “We are excited that McDonald’s and TiViTz are hosting this opportunity for our students.”

“Our mission is to motivate students to make the most of their abilities and potential by helping them to improve their skills in critical thinking and mathematics through the use of challenging, fun-to-play TiViTz games and tournaments,” said SAS Games President and TiViTz game inventor, Steve Scully. “We couldn’t be happier that in partnering with local Hillsborough County McDonald’s we are now able to provide a fun practice venue, exposing more students, teachers and parents to the world of TiViTz.”

“McDonald’s is passionate about supporting our local communities, whether it’s serving kids breakfast during FCAT testing or providing a safe gathering place for a worthwhile afterschool program,” said Bob Conigliaro, Vice President Community Relations of Caspers Company, a McDonald’s owner/operator organization based in Tampa. “We see this partnership with TiViTz as a unique opportunity to take an active role in the education of children in our communities and are excited to be a part of this endeavor.”

The teacher-endorsed, fun and challenging math and strategy game is played by hundreds of thousands of students and incorporated into curriculum by thousands of teachers nationwide. TiViTz is as easy to play as checkers, yet as challenging to master as chess. And like any strategy game, the best way to improve your strategy skills is to play an opponent with comparable or superior skills.

To capture the imagination of students, the TiViTz games incorporate themes such as Baseball, Space, Aqua, Hockey, Safari and Golf.  “TiViTz motivates students to engage in their math studies and its strategy component makes for exciting competitions,” said Scully. “Students get to meet famous Athletes, Astronauts and Scientists at TiViTz Tournaments.”

TiViTz Tuesdays is held weekly through April 30th at the 55 Hillsborough County McDonald’s locations. Parents and teachers can register online at



The TiViTz board games are geared toward students ages 8 to 14 while the online versions adapt to K through 12. TiViTz is also used in After-School programs across the country, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After School All Stars and TiViTz tournaments have been hosted by Major League Baseball’s Yankees, Dodgers, Rangers, Tigers and Rays, the National Hockey League’s Tampa Lightning and San Jose Sharks NASA and Science Museums. Educators and spokespersons such as Cal Ripken, Astronaut Rick Searfoss and Environmentalist/Film-maker Jean-Michel Cousteau have endorsed TiViTz as well.


TiViTz® is a registered trademark of SAS Games, Inc. For more information or to purchase a TiViTz game go to:


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