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6/16/13 03:36PM

Abht edu div launches $1.0m pet health education funding campaign

CEO Wayne Williams, who believes healthier pets are happier pets, acting for St. Petersburg, FL, Animal Biomeridian Health Technologies, LLC Educational Division, seeks $1.0M donations from corporate foundations and individuals to fund informing public of noninvasive animal health diagnostic tools.

St. Petersburg,  Fl  June 16, 2013  Wayne Williams, acting for Florida's Animal Biomeridian Health Technologies, LLC Educational Division, CEO, holding the conviction and belief healthier pets are happier pets, is making a worldwide plea on a leading Internet crowd funding platform for one million dollars in contributions to fund creation and placement of newspaper, magazine, Internet and other media ads,  informing the public of a newly discovered application for animals, of the proven noninvasive diagnostic technology currently applied for human diagnostics here and abroad, by its affiliated Utah company, Innovative Health Technologies, LLC.  The diagnostic tools include patented hardware and copyrighted software, employing technology of acupuncture, without the puncture.  Advanced animal hospitals and other animal care facilities already offer application of acupuncture.

Before joining ABHT Williams, former St. Petersburg Florida resident, successfully operated a company in West Africa that installed solar energy systems in remote villages to provide basic lighting for schools and power for pumps that generated much needed clean water and electricity for refrigeration of food and medicines.  When Williams was asked by Utah affiliate, Innovative Health Technologies affiliate, Innovative Health Technologies, LLC, supplier of the diagnostic equipment , ceo and sr. managing partner,  Jacqueline E. Soechtig, how he felt about the publicity campaign, he stated:  “Personally, I have long championed education in the need to care for all animals and other creatures sharing this fragile planet.   This knowledge, in my opinion, shall allow for development of greater harmony between pet owners and their pets.”

Prior to acquiring rights to BioMeridian technology for IHT, Soechtig, managed the financial turnaround and profitable sale of three technology companies to Fortune 100 companies.  She has raised significant capital in both the private and public markets and successfully completed the acquisition of several companies as part of a turnaround process. Soechtig formerly served as Vice President of MCI with profit and loss accountability for $1.7 billion annually. In the beginning of her career, and served in various technical and sales positions with IBM for thirteen years, where she was the recipient of numerous awards for outstanding performance.  Soechtig, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the College of New Rochelle and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is also an Alumni of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business with certification in Strategic Uses of Information Technologies.

Michael T. Kumbier, ABHT Franchise Sales Division, ceo and  sr. managing  partner has commenced the process of marketing and qualifying franchised pet care establishments trained to administer Meridian Pet Checks.  Kumbier has an outstanding record in marketing and selling franchieses and various other products.  Among his many achievements include creation of 31 franchised dealer network at Thor Industries, resulting in an increase from $1,600,000 annual sales to $15,000,000.He attributes that rise, in part, to providing unparalleled training in product knowledge, marketing and sales techniques.  At Monaco Corporation he created revenue growth, with sole responsibility for territorial P&L results as a top producer of recreational vehicles. His assessment of market competition led to product improvement initiatives.

Frank Warren Swacker, sr. managing and partner at Innovative Health Technologies, LLC, , founded ABHT earlier this year.  Formerly a professor at Stetson University College of Law, he holds a B.A (Economics) from Union College, a J.D. from the University of VA and a LL.M. (international law) from New York University Graduate School of Law. # #  END



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