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9/13/10 11:50AM

Adventure Mantra: A Book of Tips Enticing Readers of All Ages and Professions to Wake Up and Live Life to the Fullest

People of all ages and professions are closing their chat boards and stepping outside of their comfort zone after reading "Adventure Mantra, Living My Dreams Awake". This read will convince you that your "Some Day" has finally come.

Author of Adventure Mantra, Living My Dreams Awake, and Social

networking organizer Debbie Wolford motivates you to

get out of your house and office. She brilliantly encourages ‘perfect

strangers’ to meet up, create memories and bond uniquely. Debbie

shares her own experiences of being lonely, bored and depressed, as

well as hesitant to join social networking groups. You will not only relate

to her, but you will trust her tips as she takes you along on adventures

that most people only dream about.

The book delivers a strong message that we allow our dreams and

interests to die. We've been sedentary for so long, we can’t remember

what our interests are.

Take your first step, read her tips and RSVP for an event in your local

community. You’ll soon find out that something as simple as a Sunday

brunch may lead to your first skydiving experience or a hot air balloon


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