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6/16/11 02:35PM

Another Big Lesson from a Little Turtle

New Children’s book teaches lessons in respect and valuing differences

St. Petersburg, Florida — Not since the tortoise beat the hare in that legendary race of yore has a turtle inspired youth the way that little Dash does in a new book by husband-wife team, Franco and Kim Costello.  Their latest children’s book, “Dash the Sea Turtle” tells the tale of Dash, a gentle-hearted sea turtle whose flippers make it difficult for him to splash and play like the others. Initially discouraged by his differences, Dash eventually learns that the very thing that sets him apart can be his greatest asset.  Readers will delight in this tale about diversity as they learn the importance of using, not fearing, their differences.


In this beautifully illustrated book, kids and parents alike are reminded to cherish the attributes that make each individual unique.  The Costellos, who own and operate St. Petersburg’s Costello Center for Counseling and Academic Success, have dedicated years of their lives to working with children, and know the importance of ensuring that kids understand the value of their differences.


Dr. Kim Costello, Psy.D explains, “We see a lot of children at our counseling center, and one of the major issues we work on with many of them is finding ways to build up self-esteem.  When children are insecure, all they see is what makes them different. Our goal with this book was to show them that different can be good.”


Dash the Sea Turtle is available at bookstores nationwide.  It can also be ordered through the publisher at or by visiting Additionally, the book can be purchased as an audio book or downloaded for e-reading at


Franco and Kim Costello reside in St. Petersburg, Florida where they are proud parents and dedicated children’s advocates.  Together, they own and operate the Costello Center, which offers a variety of counseling and therapy services for children and adults.  For more information on the Costellos and their other books, please visit their website at:


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