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6/27/11 03:02PM

Counseling Center: a not-so-hidden-gem in residential St. Pete neighborhood

The Costello Center for Counseling & Academic Success expands its offerings to help the community

St. Petersburg, Florida — Just steps from Abercrombie Park, the Costello Center sits tucked quietly away along an unassuming residential street scattered with palm and oak trees.  A well-kept secret for years by those in the know, this hidden gem has been growing and expanding to offer services to a larger segment of the community.  As a result, the area’s only full-service counseling and academic services center, while still a peaceful haven, may not be so well hidden anymore.


That’s not something Costello Center co-founder Dr. Kim Costello, Psy.D, seems to mind.  “We feel delighted and humbled by the huge outpouring of support for the work we’re doing.  Expanding our offerings in response to client demand is our way of thanking the community putting their trust in us.”


After years of private counseling practice and work as a guidance counselor, Dr. Costello, along with her husband Franco Costello, opened the Center at its present location in 2006.  Their vision, although simple, was highly innovative: providing a variety of counseling and academic services under one roof.


As Dr. Costello explains, “So often, people go see a therapist and that therapist refers them to a psychiatrist, or an academic coach or a substance abuse counselor.  What happens all too often is that the client is then being treated by several different specialists who are not necessarily communicating with each other about the treatment they’re providing.  Our goal in opening this Center was to create a place where members of the community can receive all the services they need from professionals they know they can trust, and who are working as a team to provide exemplary care.”


The idea of a one-stop-shop for counseling and academic services quickly caught on, and the Costellos have seen demand grow consistently since opening their doors just over five years ago.  As a result, they have made carefully selected additions to the staff, which now includes life coaches, educational consultants, substance abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, and even art and play therapists.


Further, the Costello Center recently opened a full service learning lab to supplement its academic service offerings.  In addition to education consulting and college counseling services, the learning lab expands the Costello Center’s academic offerings to include tutoring and testing, as well as diagnostic assessment.


This summer, the Costello Center will also begin to offer group therapy for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.  These groups, led by Carolyn McNulty, LMHC, and former school counselor, will cover topics varying from social skills, to anger management, to dealing with divorce and loss.


In addition to their more traditional expansion of services, the Costello Center has also begun to offer email therapy.  Counseling over email offers clients the convenience of receiving therapy or life coaching in an inbox rather than making an appointment for a face-to-face visit.  As Dr. Costello explains, “People are busy and they’re spending a lot of time online.  Confidential email therapy makes sense, and many of our clients benefit from the added flexibility of email sessions.  We’ve been very happy with the results.”


The Costello Center offers a variety of counseling and therapy services in a compassionate and confidential environment.  Profiles of the professional staff are available on the Costello Center’s website:  For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Costello Center at 727-345-2667.

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