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7/25/10 09:32PM

Creative Circle announces new outsourcing options for corporate communications departments

Creative Circle Media Solutions, America’s leading provider of training, consulting, software and outsourced design services for the newspaper industry, will now provide those services to other types of companies

Corporations hoping to substantially improve their web sites, printed materials or the skills of their marketing, publications and media relations departments can now call on the leading firm that newspapers use for those same services.

"When it comes to corporate communications, it's not how much you produce that counts. It's how much gets read. And how well it conveys your message," says Bill Ostendorf, CEO and founder of Creative Circle Media Solutions. "Much of what corporations send out to their users, employees and shareholders doesn't have high readership."

That's where Creative Circle can help.

"We're readership experts and have a long and productive track record in helping newspapers grow their readership, even during what is widely described as a declining period for the industry."

The Creative Circle team can design, build and host web sites. The team can also design, edit or produce all kinds of printed materials. And they can produce content. Everything they do is based on the latest research on usability, readership, social networking and more.

“We’ve put together a strong team of experienced designers, editors, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers, videographers and writers who can handle almost any assignment quickly and with a high level of professionalism,” says Ostendorf. “We expect a typical project to involve editing and designing corporate newsletters or reports, video and media kits.

“We can provide a higher level of design and editing for a major, showcase project. Or we might create content as well as providing editing and production services.

“We expect some clients launching new web sites to reach out to us to design, produce, host or populate their site with content before launch,” he said. 

Ostendorf says none of the work will be done overseas. Everyone working on Creative Circle’s projects is based in the U.S. and has extensive daily newspaper experience.

“All companies are trying to find ways to reduce costs and few companies can retain the level of design or editing help we have available,” said Ostendorf. “Many of our outsourcing staffers have led training for journalists and held supervisory positions at major metros. It’s a great opportunity to get top-quality productivity at a reasonable cost.”

Ostendorf says the price for top talent has dropped because of the number of layoffs at newspapers around the country. “We’re in a position to lock in people who would have been too expensive for outsourcing projects in the past,” says Ostendorf. But Creative Circle’s team expects to gain most of its efficiencies from the productivity of an experienced team.

“Our people have such great experience and professionalism; they just get the job done fast and right the first time and that saves money.”


Creative Circle Media Solutions is North America's leading media design, training, consulting and software development firm. Creative Circle has a 25-year history of satisfied clients in 40 countries. Since 2000, Creative Circle has led more than 400 training sessions for journalists, publishers and advertising and marketing staffs and has redesigned more than 450 newspapers and magazines and more than 100 web sites. The company also provides software solutions and hosts and builds customized, cutting-edge web sites for media companies.

Creative Circle ( and is based in East Providence, R.I., and has associates in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Massachusetts. 

Contact Bill Ostendorf at 401-455-1555 or


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