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9/26/13 02:37PM

Florida real estate investment specialists say, “Invest before it’s too late.”

V and V Real Estate Associates’ co-founders discuss how they provide income for their clients in a new YouTube video presentation.

TAMPA, FLORIDA: Florida real estate investment specialists, Jorge and Martha Vazquez  have made it through the ups and downs of the great recession to come out on top in 2013.

They have succeeded because of their conservative approach to investing and their tried and true practice of not seeking quick profits. They encouraged their investors to hold purchases for longer periods of time and they are not in the business of ‘flipping’ houses. And, they are providing a much-needed service in Tampa for families who want to rent updated homes near schools, bus lines and grocery stores.

“We were very conservative when others were not,” said company President Jorge Vazquez recently. “The reason we made it is because we focused on covering the debt for our investors and providing a positive cash flow in the form of rental income to them every month.”

“There is much more demand for rental properties than we can meet,” he said.  “The tough job market has made purchasing a home out of the question for many families.”

Martha Vazquez, the company’s COO, said, “There’s a waiting list for the kind of homes we purchase and manage for our investors. If we had 50 more houses to rent today, we could rent them all.”

The Vazquez’s and their team focus on purchasing single family homes in the $50,000 to $75,000 price range in Tampa. On behalf of their investor-clients, they find the homes, purchase them, rehab them, prepare them for rental, manage them and provide cash directly deposited into their investor’s accounts monthly. “We have investors from around the world who depend on us to help them achieve their retirement or investment goals. It’s a lot of responsibility but we have learned to be really good at it.”

Although the focus is not on re-selling real estate quickly, many homes they have purchased for investors have increased in value in the past several years. “We sold one home for an investor that returned a $30,000 profit in two years. That kind of return is hard to find with the initial investment he made. He is now thinking of buying three more homes through our company,” said Jorge.

Homes are selling fast, but there is still an opportunity for investors to receive positive cash flow from investment properties in Tampa. “As long as people want to rent homes in Tampa we’ll be here to help our investors provide housing for them,” said Martha.

Watch their new YouTube video to learn more about how they have been so successful.


ABOUT V & V: V & V Real Estate Associates started out as a Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management company. As the Property Management end of the business took off they developed an increasing number of investor clients, many of whom were looking for extra services outside the company’s scope.

Some of the requested services they now provide include refinancing options for existing rental properties, Hillsborough County foreclosures, finding local properties at wholesale prices and complete rehab services.

V&V Real Estate provides a one-stop-shopping experience for real estate investors of all backgrounds or experience levels. For seasoned investors, new investors and those in between, they provide top-notch property management and maintenance for their investments.


Contact: Jorge Vazquez
             1209 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.
            Tampa, FL
            813- 259-4663


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