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2/27/12 01:24PM

Gas Fears Fuel Hybrid Sales

As fuel costs rise buyers are looking for ways to save money at the pumps. A Tampa Bay area Toyota dealership says customers are trading out of vehicles like trucks and SUVs to improve their MPGs choosing to go with hybrid techonology that could save them thousands this year in gas alone.

HOLIDAY, Florida (February 27, 2012) - Sun Toyota, Tampa Bay area’s largest volume hybrid dealer and certified LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) facility experienced an exponential boom in their hybrid sales during the last ten days as a result of a high-priced fuel forecast for summer of 2012.

“Over President’s Day weekend, which is a very good weekend in the business, we sold nine new hybrid vehicles. This past weekend we sold 22 new hybrids. I believe that the rising gas prices have played a role in this increase. Gas prices are approaching $4 per gallon and experts are predicting that gas will be $4.25 by April. We could see over $5 per gallon this summer.” – Joe Reth, Sun Toyota General Manager

Selling a total of fifty new vehicles this past weekend, Sun Toyota has accounted 22 of those sales being that of a hybrid vehicle. That’s a 44% favor in choice for a hybrid vehicle over the conventional automobile and a strong 144% change of the customer’s powertrain preference towards hybrid technology as a result of this summer’s gasoline price forecast.

Adding yet another hybrid vehicle to the Toyota lineup, the highly regarded Toyota Prius C is due to arrive at Sun Toyota in the next few days. The all-new Prius C gives drivers a manufacturer’s estimated 53 miles per gallon in the city and 46 MPG’s on the highway, while starting at an affordable Toyota-promised base price of under $20,000.

While gas prices are on the rise, our friends at Sun Toyota are doing everything they can to keep us on the road with affordable, quality vehicles. For more information about how you can join the fight against rising gas prices with a new fuel-efficient Toyota vehicle, please visit Sun Toyota’s website at .


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