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6/16/11 02:20PM

Great Monkeys Imparts Great Lessons

Children’s story teaches friendship and acceptance

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Florida author Kim Costello, Psy.D., and her daughter, Ashlee Orozco share a passion for children.  Both women have worked extensive with children during their careers in the mental health field, and have encountered many instances of kids struggling to fit in.  Recognizing that need was what inspired the duo to pen “Great Monkeys All Are We,” a whimsical tale designed to teach children important lessons in jealousy, friendship and acceptance.

In “Great Monkeys All Are We,” Mitch has no friends to play with, unlike popular Pete, who is always surrounded by the other monkeys in the zoo. Unhappy, Mitch wishes on a star. Yet, when his wish is granted, he begins to realize that the problem's solution was with him all along.

This inspiring book will both enchant and educate with its creative spin on an important life lesson.  Children will delight as they follow Mitch on his journey toward greater self-understanding and friendship.

“Great Monkeys All Are We” is available at bookstores nationwide.  It can also be ordered through the publisher at or by visiting This is an eLIVE title, meaning each copy contains a code redeemable for a free audio version from

Kim Costello is a dedicated advocate for children and families. She resides in Florida with her husband.  Together they own and operate the Costello Center for Counseling and Academic Success.  Orozco, Kim’s daughter, has worked as a life coach for children of all ages. She is passionate about making the lives of children better.

For more information, or to check out other titles by Kim Costello, please visit her website:, or contact her at 727-345-2667.


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