press release
4/11/11 10:31PM

IRANIUM Film Screening Intelligence Briefing and Panel Discussion

The Iranian nuclear weapons program is not an isolated problem. It is the final component of a brutal ideology that has held the Iranian people and the international community hostage since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Six successive administrations beginning with Jimmy Carter have mishandled the situation in Iran, allowing Iran's leaders to ruefully manipulate America and the West.  President Obama is no worse, but definitely not better.  He has allowed the situation to fester in the most critical moments as Iran threatens to cross the nuclear threshold.

A nuclear Iran poses a danger to the Middle East and the Western world--the US in particular.  Iranium serves as the primer to clearly explain why this is the case.

Join Pinellas Patriots and Florida Security Council as we host a film screening and intelligence briefing with John Loftus, a former US government prosecutor and US Army intelligence officer; and Dr. Rich Swier, a retired US Army LTC who now serves as Co-Director of Florida Security Council and Editor of Red County-Sarasota.

Q and A to follow.  Admission to this event is free.

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