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3/9/12 03:20PM

KZBluestar LLC. A great new way to alert a Home or Business owner

Home Watch is not everything. We will notify the owner that a problem has occurred , Any one can call us to report a problem, never give your phone number out again. Cost effective and very simple.

 KZBluestar LLC. is a new and exciting company. We are here 24hours a day for you.

Our home watch service, KZBluestar, available across the USA, alerts a home owner, or business owner, of a problem. Effective and inexpensive.

When you're not at home, a passing neighbor might be the best eyes to spot a problem, even the mail man or city worker , anyone could see a problem at your house, but do they know how to contact you?

Once in our system you will never need to give your phone number out again, just tell them you are with KZBluestar they can see the star, 800 number and the code on the front door or window. If you are new to an area with no established contacts or have property, Motor Home, rentals or a business in other parts of town, security becomes even more of a challenge. Foreclosed homes in your neighborhood can be a magnet for thieves and criminal activity. Spotting and reporting suspicious activity is a benefit to all.

They can call the KZBluestar 800 number, give us the property code (right under the blue star, on the decal we sent you); we then find you, using a contact list, to alert you of the problem. Water leaks, sprinklers running at the wrong time, broken windows, or even the police needing to contact you after a burglary--call KZBluestar 800-631-7570.

This will be the way of the future to contact a Home or Business owner. We will never send any one out to your property; we call and let you know of the problem.

KZBluestar LLC. Alerting an owner of a problem that has occurred at home or business that alarm companies do not monitor, Any problem at all that the owner should be aware of.


Check us out at

Thank You, KZBluestar LLC.

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