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2/16/11 12:53PM

Lin Ruch gets First Place in Mural Contest!

The Polly Wogg Gallery in Hudson had a Mural Contest for the Month of January, where Muralists or Artists were assigned a 10 to 20' wall of the exterior of the Gallery. They were to paint something to go along with the Nature, Spiritual theme and the prize was $500.00 to the winner.

Muralists came from Spring Hill, and Hudson area to paint their mark on the outer walls of the Polly Wogg Gallery.  The Contest was to add beauty to the building and expose some great Artists from this area and it did!  There were six Muralists that joined in on the fun and they had the whole month of January to paint their Mural.  Well, from the pictures, you can see what magnificent work they did and how great the walls look with these pieces on them.

The Muralists were;  Scott Luft from Spring Hill, a 38 year old Spray Can Artist, that enjoys painting outer space and the beyond, his Alien Mural is breathtaking! Scott is dealing with Bi-Polar on a daily basis but says Art helps him to focus and stay tuned in to his life. Scott won Honorable Mention and a $20 Gift Card.

William Boyer, an Artist- Teacher in the Spring Hill area, who normally does his Abstract Van Gogh style but for the Mural he chose to do a Florida Landscape, that landed him 3rd Prize. William won Honorable Mention and a $50 Gift Card and Dinner Coupon for Crabby Bills.

Patricia Ritter was another Artist that is from Spring Hill, she loves to paint colorful and will often have a story about each painting.  She has recovered from Cancer and tells me that her painting helps take away the memories.  She painted a beautiful Artist painting Flowers and things, I think maybe that was her.

Louie Palma got started a little late, but he did a fantastic job on his Musical Mural that fits his Life Style as he is a Musician!  He won Honorable Mention with a $20 Gift Card.

Those Big Cats! Wow! Valdora Ward came in 2nd Place with her Collage of Cats, Lions, Tigers and Leopards with colorful backgrounds, Bamboo and more! Well done! Valdora suffers from Lupis, Fibermialga, Arthritus and more, she painted her Mural out in the cold of January and said she loved it! Valdora won a $100 Gift Card to use in the Gift Shop or Gallery plus two free drinks at Duke's Brewery.

Lin Ruch, our 1st Prize Winner did a Mural on our Shed, turning it into a work of Art!  She painted Windows and doors, pots and plants, it looks so real, the door is opened slightly and we had several people try to go in, but it was just the painting and a good job too! Lin suffers Muscular Disease and Bone problems and she was out there painting as well, what troopers I have! She won the $500 plus two tickets to the Big Cat Rescue.

After the Awards were given out we had a surprise for the Winner of the Contest when we all pulled out Silly String and made Lin Ruch another Art Piece, which was her enveloped in Silly String! Ha ha!

It was one of the best months at the Polly Wogg Gallery and many thanks go out to all the Muralist for bringing just a little more love to the place.  Enhancing the Labyrinth outside with beautiful paintings and at the Entrance of the Gallery.

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