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5/6/14 09:54AM

Local Data Center Hivelocity Completes SSAE-16 , HIPAA and PCI Audits

Our data center which houses roughly 10,000 physical and virtual servers for customers in over 130 countries recently completed HIPAA, SSAE-16 and PCI audits allowing us to provide hosting solutions for a wider range of industries including health care and financial institutions.

Tampa hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company, Hivelocity, has announced this week the completion of several audits elevating their local data center to new compliance standards.  Hivelocity attained their SSAE-16 certification as well as both HIPAA and PCI compliance. Each of these audits inspects specific areas of operation including infrastructure redundancy, security, internal processes and employee training. 

HIPAA compliance is specific to health care and inspects how electronic personal health information (ePHI) is stored and secured.  A PCI compliance audit relates to monetary transactions and scrutinizes how financial data is stored and transmitted.   The SSAE-16 audit is unique to data centers and inspects all aspects of redundancy, procedures, employee training and both physical and virtual security.  

Hivelocity completed construction of phase 1 of it’s Tampa data center in 2010. Hivelocity quickly invested over 1 million dollars in the facility, upgrading the entire infrastructure.  Over 200 tons of new cooling systems and over 200Gbps of internet capacity were added.  Additionally, Hivelocity worked with TECO to bring more power capacity to the building and further enhanced the data center’s redundant power assets.  Hivelocity recently added an additional 15,000 sf that will support an additional 4,000 physical servers on premise.   With the recent expansion and the completion of SSAE-16, HIPAA and PCI compliance added to their credentials, Hivelocity is quickly becoming a force within Tampa’s data center market.   

“As a Florida based organization we understand health care is a big presence in our community.  We have already entered into business with several health care providers since our HIPAA audit only a few weeks ago.  We look forward to working closely with other national providers and continuing to provide a facility they can safely store their digital information in,” says Hivelocity CTO, Ben Linton.

Tampa Bay based accounting firm A-lign, performed each of the three audits, beginning the process in late 2013.  Hivelocity provides infrastructure services to customers in over 130 countries out of its data center in the Woodland Center Office Park.  To schedule a tour of the Hivelocity data center email

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