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5/26/11 10:22AM

Lutheran High School "Home of the Knights" All Student/Faculty Reunion 1982-1989

Lutheran High School presents "Once Upon A Knight" Inviting any faculty or student that ever attended the school during the years 1982-1986! July 15-17, 2011, at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach. A once in a lifetime event! Don't miss this one! or call (309) 798-5017

Lutheran High began in 1979 in modest portable trailers set on the grounds of Rogate Lutheran Church on E Bay Drive. The trailers were moved to Our Savior Lutheran Church in central St. Petersburg during the summer of 1982 and the student numbers grew! In our standards it was a significant growth.  

We didn't have halls; we had a deck between the trailers. We didn't have a gym; we had a bus that took us to a rented gym. We didn't have large classes but we had "cliques" and good friends from every class.  We had homework, tests and ACT's but we also had Honors Society and Pebbles (extracurricular activities). We had what we still consider, some of the best and most caring teachers.  We didn't have the funds but we had faith. 

Faculty and students alike gave up their summer vacations in 1985 to return to the trailers and assist with clean up of the complete destruction that an arsonists left behind.  We were united, we were resolute, we were Knights, we were a family. We carried on and we succeeded for another year. 

A shock spread to both faculty members and students – especially the classes of 1987-1989 – when sadly, in July 1986, Lutheran High School very softly and very very quickly closed its doors for good. 

My name is Wendy Handley and I am a 1986 graduate of Lutheran High School - Home of the Knights.  The trailers and school have been long gone for 25 years, but that cannot erase faces, memories and lessons learned. 

We never thought we would unite again, but we knew we should. 

The production of "Once Upon A Knight" a drama theme celebration opens this summer, July 15th at the Sirata almost to the day it closed - 25 years later.  We will be given an opportunity to close that door again, but this time with the loud, thunderous, celebratory BANG that is so deserves. 

Donations for this extraordinary event and to assist in giving us just one more day together are accepted at or call Wendy Handley for details at (309) 798-5017


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