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5/12/11 06:52PM

New Chiropractic Clinic in Largo

After practicing for 11 years in Largo, Dr. Marc J. Rogers is moving to a new location. Complete with rehabilitation, nutrition, massage therapy, rehabilitation, a rapid weight loss program, and acupuncture.

After helping people with all kinds of painful conditions in his practice on East Bay Drive, Dr. Marc Rogers was always wanting a bigger space for a complete wellness practice. A native of Pinellas County, Dr. Rogers lives in Indian Rocks Beach.

"I remember sitting in class in Chiropractic College drawing my ideal practice while the teacher was talking about cellular biology," he says. "I think all of us have a dream about where they want to live or work. I'm so lucky that I live in such a beautiful place and finally have the practice I always wanted."

Located at 405 Seminole Blvd, the 3200 square-foot clinic has been completely renovated from its flower shop past. It is located just to the north of the Largo Post Office. The clinic will have rehabilitation, family chiropractic care, rehab, and an Acupuncture Physician Dory Segal. There are plans to begin classes for the all-natural rapid Weight Loss System.

Dr. Rogers was injured while a student at FSU and believes chiropractic care can benefit many more people if they would give it a chance.

"Sometimes being a chiropractor is not easy. Some people won't try it based on unfounded fear or misinformation," he says. "Our practice really goes the extra mile in educating our new patients that chiropractic care is safe, natural, and affordable. I am passionate about chiropractic and helping others. If patients will give it a chance, they are usually very happy they came in to see us."

The office treats patients of all ages, children, medicare, auto injuries, and weekend warriors. They accept most insurance, Medicare, and have affordable payment plans. For more info, their website is

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