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6/16/11 02:08PM

New Learning Lab helps local students get ahead this summer

Center utilizes innovative, holistic approach to offer comprehensive academic assistance

St. Petersburg, Florida — As report cards begin making their way into mailboxes over the next few weeks, many parents are faced with the realization that their child may benefit from additional academic assistance over the summer months.  Fortunately, area parents have a new place to turn for their children’s academic needs. The Costello Center Learning Lab, an off-shoot of St. Petersburg’s Costello Center for Counseling & Academic Success, recently opened to provide full-spectrum educational services to students of all abilities and grade levels.  The Learning Lab is staffed by tutors, academic counselors, educational consultants and a school psychologist, who work closely together to ensure the success of each child.


“Our vision for this learning lab is to provide local students with academic services tailored to their individual needs.” explains Costello Center founder and former school counselor, Dr. Kim Costello, “It is infeasible for many schools to create unique learning plans for each child, but the reality is that everyone learns differently.  We understand that, and our goal is to help every student we work with experience academic success.  We achieve this by bringing talent professionals together to create individualized programs that cater to the specific needs of each student.”


The Costello Center Learning Lab’s offerings are comprehensive.  They include a variety of tutoring, academic advising, educational testing and diagnostic assessment services.  Further, for students who struggled in a particular course during the school year, the Learning Lab offers grade forgiveness makeup classes in conjunction with local schools.  With many schools forced to cut back on supplemental offerings because of recent budget shortfalls, the Costello Center’s Learning Lab provides an alternative to services no longer available through the school systems, including college consulting.


Although the conception of a formalized Learning Lab is new to the Costello Center, its staff of highly-trained professionals has been working together informally for several years.  Says Jennifer Lagergren, M.S.P., a member of the Learning Lab staff, “We’re lucky to have assembled a team that works very well together.  We’ve come from different professional backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the formation of each child’s education plan, yet our ability to take a holistic approach to helping each student is not something you find at other centers.  There is no comparison in this area.”


When asked what she believes sets the Learning Lab apart from other area learning centers, Dr. Costello explained, “We provide a special environment that gives students the extra resources they need, as well as an outstanding group of supportive mentors and role models.  Serving the whole person has been part of our mission from the beginning, and it’s something we’re very proud of.”


The Costello Center Learning Lab is housed within the Costello Center offices.  In addition to the Learning Lab, the Costello Center offers a variety of counseling and therapy services in a compassionate and confidential environment.  Professionals are available Monday-Friday year round.  For additional information or a consultation, contact Dr. Kim Costello at 727-345-2667.


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