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6/8/11 08:43AM

Organizational Psychologist Develops Strategy to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Health and Wellness programs are a costly investment and and do not improve ROI. The Focused Motivation Facilitation© process applies a psychological perspective to bring about enduring healthy lifestyle changes.

As healthcare costs soar, companies strive to increase their bottom line by implementing a diversity of interventions recommended by Health and Wellness programs. Yet these programs fail to bring about lifestyle changes and corporations see no improvement in ROI. With healthcare expenses exceeding 50% of net profits, companies need to stop relying on the superficial interventions of Health and Wellness programs.

Dr. Carol Vance, an organizational psychologist and president of HR Directions, says the missing link to a viable health behavior change program is the knowledge and consideration of the psychological dynamics underlying human behavior. Dr. Vance developed the Focused Motivation Facilitation© process (FMF©) which applies a psychological perspective to bringing about enduring lifestyle changes. The FMF© process is not another type of wellness program! Far from it! The majority of health and wellness programs tend to only scratch the surface. Applying the same approach across the company without consideration of varying degrees of reactions and acceptance levels is a costly and fruitless endeavor.

The success of the FMF© program relies heavily on individuals being grouped according to the strength of characteristics that have been researched and validated as conducive to permanent behavior change. The FMF Profile© developed by HR Directions identifies individuals who share similar qualities, affording a common base point which directs the facilitation approach. The assimilation of fundamental psychological concepts is the key to the robust and powerful structure of the FMF strategy.  

It’s time for a new approach and that’s what the FMF© process brings to the table. This program integrates the inherent dynamics of a person’s psyche into the process of creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes. The FMF© Profile required to classify groups prior to the facilitation sessions is available online. Contact:

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