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11/3/11 03:19PM

Pattie Meek with CENTURY 21 Condon-Meek Helps Homeowners Headed Toward Foreclosure to

Adept at negotiating with lenders, distressed property expert helps financially strapped homeowners to salvage credit and avoid foreclosure

Clearwater-FL-November 3, 2011 – Current estimates are that nationwide, 6.3 million U.S. homeowners are more than 30 days late on their mortgage and in some stage of foreclosure.  “The problem is compounded by the fact that nearly one fourth of all U.S. homeowners are ‘underwater’ on their mortgage—meaning they owe more on their home than they could net from selling it in today’s market,” noted Pattie Meek, CENTURY 21 Condon-Meek Broker. 


“Too often, the solution for homeowners faced with an underwater and unaffordable mortgage has been to let the home slip into foreclosure,” Pattie Meek observed.  Seismic economic shifts have changed the dynamics of real estate transactions and the level of expertise needed to ensure success, Meek added.





A Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Meek pointed out that the long-term implications of foreclosure cannot be underestimated.  Committed to helping homeowners to understand their alternatives to foreclosure and to take action that will change their current financial course Meek has developed a report entitled, “Change the Course! And Navigate Away from an Unmanageable Mortgage,” that can be downloaded from her website at


“Too often, the anxiety associated with missed mortgage payments and the fear of putting ones trust in the wrong hands, causes homeowners who are heading toward foreclosure to avoid seeking help or pursuing a short sale,” Meek said.


Real estate agents who have received the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation have proactively sought out the most respected and recognized designation for helping clients within the complicated and highly charged distressed property arena.


For more information about the CDPE Designation, visit


About Pattie Meek, Broker with  CENTURY 21 Condon-Meek, a third generation  company serving the real estate needs of Pinellas County since 1954.

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