press release
7/5/12 06:14PM

Pocket7 LLC launches new clothing line in Tampa, FL

Pocket7 will officially launch their clothing line reviving the classic American wardrobe staple, the pocket T-Shirt, Saturday July 7th, 2012.

Pocket7 LLC was created with a vision to bring 7 young minds together to inspire others to follow their dreams here in Tampa, FL. Beginning in late 2011, a group of friends began congregating with a simple idea, to bring our creativity and lifestyle to the general populace. The company was born through the hard work, dedication and limited financial backing from each of the members. Pocket7 has evolved from a few guys bouncing ideas around to a legally registered company with a modest product line. The apparel has been mainly advertised through social media websites and word of mouth and has quickly garnered a respectable local following. The slogan "No Empty Pockets"  is the driving motto striving to inspire others to pursue and achieve success, whatever your definition may be. The brand has been popularized by the clever Kangaroo logo, which many have considered appealing. The brand is set to promote what they are calling "Pocketwear", which will eventually include caps, sweaters, jackets, and even a woman's clothing line in the near future. Pocket7 will be releasing officially July, 7th 2012 through a launch party aptly titled "The Genes7s Event"  at Dolce Vita in Channelside, marking the official birth of the clothing brand. Anyone interested is asked to visit the event website at for event details and information. Also, please visit the Pocket7 Facebook page for current and future details of the line, until the official website is launched after the event.

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