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5/11/13 04:08PM

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ABHT admits a patented noninvasive diagnostic health tool is capable of detecting health deficiencies in race horses, but its Educational Division, for the present, is directing its focus on supporting franchising of the system for use on smaller pets.


St. James, FL May 11, 2013ANIMAL BIOMERIDIAN HEALTH TECHOLOGIES, LLC, Educational Division,  predicts horses will benefit from veterinarian application of the BioMeridian System. The System, a diagnostic tool that employs patented hardware and software, based upon acupuncture sites that can identify health deficiencies in animals.  Use for animal application has been a best kept secret, pending franchising and training in usage of the tool for animal health care.    Application of the System for human diagnostics has proven successful in thousands of cases, both here and abroad. ABHT Franchising is being launched by ABHT CEO, Michael T. Kumbier.

When asked about race track application, Kumbier, said:  “I admit, a few test trials evidenced using the noninvasive BioMeridian System to retrieve horse health data, indicates a big future market for the System among horse owners and trainers, but for the present, at ABHT we are concentrating on educating and creating a demand by pet lovers, for franchised establishments, including animal hospitals,  that serve the needs of smaller pets, to be ready and able to offer BioMeridian diagnostics.”

Kumbier has an outstanding record in marketing and selling franchises and various other products.  Among his many achievements include creation of 31 franchised dealer network at Thor Industries, resulting in an increase from $1,600,000 annual sales to $15,000,000.He attributes that rise, in part, to providing unparalleled training in product knowledge, marketing and sales techniques. At Monaco Corporation he created revenue growth, with sole responsibility for territorial P&L results as a top producer of recreational vehicles. His assessment of market competition led to product improvement initiatives.

Kumbier marketing efforts fueled a sales rise from $41,000,000 to $56,000,000 in record time.  At Newmar Corporation, Kumbier recruited franchised distributors and worked with existing partners to meet sales and market goals. He trained and managed the performance of a professional sales force. His managed budget expenditures and assured regulatory compliance. His orchestrating the opening of 5 franchised dealerships; met all sales goals; produced a high of $36,400,000 in 2005 and establishing a 5-year sales average exceeding $29,000,000 speaks for itself. He knows how to cultivate productive relationships with dealers,  contribute to personalized advertising and marketing programs.  With Kumbier, at the helm, ABHT expects even bigger franchise sales shall be induced by its Educational Division.  He holds a degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin.

Adding to Kumbier’s input, is the advisory services of Frank Warren Swacker, an international lawyer, consultant, author and partner of Innovative Helath Technologies LLC.  IHT is an ABHT partner and supplier of the BioMeridian Systems units. Swacker, is a Sr. partner of IHT,  and experienced educator, having taught international law at leading law schools and consultant to major law firms, formerly a director of private and public corporations is expected to assist in expansion of ABHT educational publicity with media.  Swacker,  a former director and officer of public and private corporations is author of numerous published professional articles and books.  Included are United Nations Technical Assistance in Control of Narcotic Drugs, Healthcare’s Future?, World Trade Without Barriers, a two volume work on WTO dispute settlement.  He served for a decade as International Counsel for a multi-billion dollar corporation and was an advisor on major international trade and investment treaties.   He taught international dispute resolution and antitrust law at Stetson University Colleges of Law and is listed in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America and holds a B.A.  (Economics) from Union College, a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia and a LL.M. (International Law) from New York University, Graduate School of Law.  # #  END

NOTE:  IHT is unrelated to U.K. York University IHT or UN WHO Innovative Health Technologies eHealth



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