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10/25/13 04:35PM

Support “Steam Works” the Newest Venture from Red Gears Studios of Largo

October 15th – November 14th. Help Support one of your local independent studios by visiting and searching for “Steam Works”. Red Gears Studios of Largo, FL is proud to create this innovative project, but needs your help and support to make it come to life.

Red Gears Studios in collaboration with LionWolf Games has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the creation of a new kind of RPG video game set in a steam industrialized era, named Steam Works.  These local independent studios need your support to create this new adventure and provide work for local actors, animators and many more.  A few famous names have been added to play the main characters already, Bill Moseley will be playing the part of Edison Sparks; MCW/WWE Champion Short Sleeve Sampson will take the part of Robbie “Boom Boom” McLoom; and Orestes Matacena featured in “The Mask” and “Wild Wild West” and many others will be known as the Watchmaker.  Help bring business to the Tampa Bay Area with funding for this project.


About Steam Works

The opening cinematic for the first-person shooter RPG takes place with your character waking up tied to a chair in a dilapidated room.  Your captors had been brutally assaulting you seeking information, but are now in the next room plotting.  You manage to loosen your bonds and creep to the shabby bathroom.  Looking into the mirror you are able to customize your character’s features, from head to toe, if you are human or alien, pick a skill tree and style.  Noticing a ragged toolbox, you scrabble through it choosing one of six professions which will assist you to progress through the game.  This is your chance to race out of the building toward the roof.  Making a break for it with bandits hot on your heels, you burst outside to see the city engulfed in flames and smoke.  You have to act fast to get off the building before it collapses to rubble using your newly acquired profession as engineer, sky pilot, scientist, saboteur, sky pirate, or commando. 

 “What we have here, and what I hope to convey to our audiences is truly something unique.  There are a lot of great games out there… and while I suppose we are in the same vein as far as game play mechanics go, we differ in the way our story is going to be told,” says Joe Davison, director and visionary of Steam Works.

There will be an open world concept, with fully customizable characters and weapons.  Win a carnival toy octopus and want to attach it to your gun? You got it! Interested in adding alien DNA to your own?  It can happen!  Many interactions your character will face will be determined by random generators to give you a more interesting storyline and game play.  You know that one NPC that really annoys you?  Well now you can punt it, shoot it, whatever you think of, but your questline and storyline will change accordingly.  Steam Works instantly transports you to a steampunk inspired dystopian world caused by an all-out war between aliens, searching for “The God Switch” and the humans protecting their world of Arcadia.  The war knocked out most of the Arcadian’s technological advancements, including wide-spread use of electricity, causing a steam-powered industrial age.  With both forces decimated, life continues on, allowing you to choose sides in the aftermath battle, which will in turn, change the outcome of the game.


About Red Gears Studios

Red Gears Studios’ goal is to help professionals envision the future of their company, be it production of any kind.  We believe that perseverance and integrity should stand out above all when it comes to completing projects.  Red Gears Studios is a 5800 sq ft studio warehouse located in Largo, FL with plenty of office space, complete sound design/editing suite, fully air conditioned sound stage, make-up and wardrobe, plus set design and prop building.  We also offer full production capabilities from conception to completion with our staff of film and television veterans with over 25 years of experience.  Joe Davison Co-Owner Production Executive is a multi-award winning film director, writer, producer and actor.  Joe is invaluable on and off set with his creative and energetic processes.  Megan Chapnick Co-Owner Executive Producer focuses on the financial aspect of running a studio with years of experience handling multi-million dollar assets; she understands what it takes to keep a company running. 


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