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7/13/12 11:31AM

Tall & Short Men's Clothes Retailer ForTheFit celebrates year 7 with Move & New Hires

Central Florida-based tall and short men's online clothing retailer celebrated it's 7th anniversary this year. Following 7 years of consistent, aggressive revenue growth, the company recently relocated to a larger facility in Winter Park, FL and has begun hiring new team members

Orlando-based, the largest online retailer of men’s hard-to-find sizes has turned 7 this year.  Launched by the husband and wife team of Consuelo and Jeffrey Bova, the idea for ForTheFit was inspired by the couple's own struggles shopping for clothes.  "I am 5 feet tall and Jeff is 5'7"- mall and department stores had very little to offer us," recalls Consuelo Bova, the company's CEO.  The family business was launched around the couple's kitchen table in Tampa, FL in 2005 and relocated to Orlando after the birth of their first child in 2007.  This anniversary marks 7 years of consecutive, positive revenue growth for, which currently averages 64.7% per year. "We are committed to growing this business right here in the Central Florida area," says Consuelo.

2012 has indeed been a year of big changes and growth for the small company. For one thing, they got taller. "We were so excited to introduce our first ever tall & slim men's clothing line this year," enthuses Consuelo Bova, who also has a personal connection with the tall size scale, "my Brother-in-Law and his brothers are all well over 6 feet and trim, so I am quite familiar with their difficulties finding great clothes, too." Department stores and specialty retailers abound for the Big and Tall men's market, but is the only apparel company focusing on the Tall and Slim men and other hard to find sizes.  The company does plan to expand into new size ranges in the near future.

Their impressive growth rate has made some additional changes inevitable.  The company, which was a home-based business through 2007, has had to continually relocate to accommodate the explosive growth. In July 2012, they moved into new headquarters, a 4500 square foot warehouse and office building in Winter Park, Florida.  Also, while the's early growth was largely managed by Consuelo and Jeff working alone or with the assistance of part-time team members, temporary staffers and interns, the company is excited to be bringing on new hires in 2012.  "By the end of this year, we anticipate welcoming our first professional, full-time hires to, as well as offering a few new, permanent part-time roles."

"It has been our goal all along for to become synonymous with hard to find size clothing for men and women, tall, short, slim or stout, "says Consuelo, adding "if we can make that happen right here in Central Florida, well that's just all the better." If they succeed in their mission, tall and short men and women's clothing sizes won't be so hard to find after all, since the company offers their clothes throughout the United States and Internationally via their online store at

ABOUT FORTHEFIT.COM sources, designs and manufactures items that offer men and women of hard-to find sizes a better overall fit with modern style. Shorter individuals, for example, are often told to shop the kid's department or get everything tailored. Others simply resign themselves to a poor fit. emphasizes finding the right styles and fit for each individual body type as the key to a better look. Founded in 2005, the company initially focused on the needs of shorter men under 5'9".  Since then, the company has added other hard-to-fit categories for men and women, with more to come!

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