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2/27/13 04:46PM

Tampa Bay Author Denny Chipman Book "The Prince and the Princess" Released!

Tampa Bay Author, Denny Chipman's fiction novel "The Prince and the Princess" was released for sale by Barringer Publishing in late February, 2013. The fantasy, romantic adventure book is available in paperback and eBook on major online outlets and at: .

Tampa Bay Florida Author Denny Chipman's new book "The Prince and the Princess" was released for sale the week ending February 24, 2013 by publisher, Barringer Publishing. "The Prince and the Princess" is a fantasy, romantic adventure story. It is available in paperback and eBook. The book is currently being offered on and,as well as the Barringer Bookstore at It will be available at select bookstores in the coming weeks and months. You can get more information about the Denny Chipman novel at: There will be news forthcoming about local book signings.

About the Book: In another time and place where wizards and potions abound, a prince and a princess live a story for the ages. The story is heart warming and magical. It is a story of life, love, and adventure. It will touch your heart in a way that is unforgettable. Although the story occurs in another world, it parrallels real life problems that plague modern day society. It carries a strong anti-drug and anti-alcohol abuse message. It also shares the beauty of love, truth, and life. This book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It is not a children's book, but it is a story that young and old alike can find pleasure in reading.

Denny Chipman has lived in Pinellas County, Florida for over thirty years. He now resides in Largo, FL.

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