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3/1/13 03:26PM

Tampa Bay Native, Michelle LeMay, Launches the Hottest New Trend in Exercise!

Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle Workshops March 16 & 17 @ Palm Harbor Shapes provides tools for Healthier Happier Living thru Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Meditation and Positive Motivation. Internationally re-known fitness expert, Michelle LeMay and a live DJ guide you to unleash your most powerful Dancer!



The next evolution in Yoga, Fitness and Dance:  Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle System coming to the Tampa Bay Area March


Tampa Bay Area, Florida March 16th & 17th, 2013

Back to the future!  Tampa Native and movement trendsetter, Michelle LeMay, returns from Los Angeles to launch Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle Workshops at Shapes Total Fitness in Palm Harbor. Filled with tools to promote happier, healthier, stress free and creative living, Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle System weaves yoga, dancing, fitness, stretching, breath-work, live music and meditation together into a system that positively affects your mind body and soul.  Workshops are for people interested in Personal Empowerment and also for Instructors interested in certification.

Underground Yoga™ is the Dance Inspired Yoga technique that

puts rhythm in your Asanas and Pranayama in your Groove!!!  It’s edgy and creative with a live DJ to motivate the groovy movement within the Yoga Asana sequences.  Most yoga is linear compared to the multidirectional movement of Underground Yoga™.   It prepares you for Underground Yoga Dance as it makes you feel alive in your body!!!    

Underground Yoga™ Dance is a freestyle dance technique that ignites your most powerful Dancer to shine!  Instead of learning choreography, you are guided to movement that is indigenous to your own being.   Underground Yoga Dance teaches you how to use Dance as therapy, increases your confidence and library of movement, and celebrates your unique magnificence!  No Dance experience necessary … this will Ignite your passion for movement!!!

A Live DJ using specific music with layers of sound that wakes up dormant areas of your brain makes this workout extra FUN and mentally beneficial as well.  The Underground Yoga™ Music is also created in specific keys to stimulate different chakras, the body’s energy centers.

Michelle LeMay began her career in the Tampa Bay area as a Fitness and Health Reporter for WTVT, channel 13 and as the director of 13 Health clubs, then known as Mademoiselle Spas and the American Fitness Centers- now Shapes Total Womens Fitness.   She went on to having a National TV career on shows like ESPN’s “Gotta Sweat” and Fox Sports “Body Waves”, as well as, to touring worldwide with NIKE pioneering the Cardio Hip Hop Movement and then with RYKA pioneering the Softer Forms of Exercise Movement.  This trendsetter is not slowing down. At 50, Michelle can dance circles around most 20 year olds, and is launching what she believes to be her most important contribution to the world:  Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle system that promotes well being not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


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