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4/24/12 05:52PM

Tampa Bay Small Businesses to Gain Innovative New Source of Capital

Bolstr Launches to help Small Businesses Raise Money through Revolutionary New Technology Platform

April 2012 -- Access to capital for Tampa Bay small businesses has long been an uphill battle. Small Business Loans and Home Equity Lines are challenging to get, and credit cards are expensive alternatives. With a state unemployment rate of approximately 10%, it is clear that small businesses, the engine of the state economy, need an alternative source of capital to jumpstart growth.


Enter Bolstr, the first investment-based fundraising platform for main street small-businesses that helps entrepreneurs raise capital from their friends, family and community in a private and secure setting. Bolstr’s simple step-by-step wizard allows small business owners to create a professional pitch, privately invite prospective investors to view information about their business, and track their interest in a social way all via their online platform.


Starting in May 2012, Tampa Bay small businesses will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a private pilot program utilizing Bolstr’s fundraising platform. Bolstr founders Charlie Tribbett and Larry Baker, both former New York investment bankers, are excited about bringing this dynamic platform to the Florida small business community.


“We’re thrilled to launch our pilot program in Florida, where we’ve seen first-hand the struggles small businesses have when trying to access capital. We founded Bolstr to help fix that with an easy to use fundraising tool,” Tribbett said.


The Bolstr team is focused on democratizing access to capital by allowing small businesses to raise money from their networks and communities.


“At the end of the day, Bolstr helps Florida small businesses build a network of supporters in their communities who are invested in their success,” Baker said.


To participate in Bolstr’s Pilot Program, businesses must be incorporated and have at least two years of financial history. For more information or to apply for the pilot program please visit or email




About Bolstr:

Bolstr is the first investment based fundraising platform that helps small businesses seamlessly raise capital from their friends, family, network and community. Bolstr formalizes the process of raising capital into a professional and secure private capital raise allowing businesses to easily share information about their company, communicate with prospective investors, and track their interest. Through step-by-step guidance Bolstr helps small businesses create a professional pitch, engage a cost effective attorney, and privately source investments from their network and community in a social and interactive way. In essence, Bolstr democratizes and demystifies the entire process of raising capital.


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