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8/29/12 11:49PM

Tampa Workshop Improves Your Relationships by Changing How You Respond to Conflict

World-renowned NVC (nonviolent communication) trainer John Kinyon offers a rare weekend workshop in Tampa, Sept. 14-16. Learn how to "Mediate Your Life" so you can perform better in moments of conflict. Florida's Cindy Bigbie assists.


Tampa Workshop Improves All Your Relationships by Changing How You Respond to Conflict

Would you like to respond more effectively to conflicts in your life? Would you like to be able to remain clear-headed in moments of intensity?

Renowned NVC (NonViolent Communication) trainer John Kinyon shows you how at a rare weekend training this Sept. 14-16 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay.  The workshop promises to create more choice and more serenity in your relationships and in everything you do. You will explore the phenomenon of getting “triggered” and develop a deeper awareness of your own habits in relation to conflict. Kinyon requests that you bring any type of conflict to the workshop. One session will be devoted to conflicts in organizational settings.

The Mediate Your Life workshop will teach:

  • how to stay clear-headed in conflict by being present to the instinct to fight-flight-freeze
  • how to prepare yourself for navigating difficult conversations
  • how to give empathy as a means for building understanding and personal resilience
  • how to use these skills to turn conflicts into opportunities for connection

Kinyon is excited for the opportunity to teach a workshop in Tampa with Florida resident and NVC teacher Cindy Bigbie as his assistant.  “We have used the phrase "Mediate Your Life" a lot over the years and I love how it captures what is at the heart of our trainings. Our mission is to help you learn — and benefit from — the approach and skills of mediation within your own life, whether or not you aspire to formally mediate conflict between others.”

WHAT: Mediate Your Life weekend workshop.

WHEN: September 14-16 (Fri. 7-9 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sun. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.)

WHERE: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay


MORE INFO: Call 415-659-9744 or e-mail


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For more information on John Kinyon and Mediate Your Life (,

please contact Mary Sitze at 413-658-4444.


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