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June 27, 2009 — Miami

A homeless man told a corrections sergeant near the jail complex that Quang Due Do had struck him with the flat side of a machete.

When corrections Officer Rene Hernandez and Miami Police Officer Emilio Palacios confronted Do, 38, beneath a nearby overpass, they and witnesses said that he raised the machete and moved toward the officers. Palacios and Hernandez each fired two rounds, killing him.

Police and medical records indicated that Do had been treated for psychosis and bipolar disorder. Read more

3 ways this case compares to others

  1. Do approached police in a threatening manner before being shot. That's true in almost 10% of police shootings.
  2. Do was armed with a blade/stabbing implement. Only 80 other people were armed the same way.
  3. Do showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.

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