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Jan. 21, 2013 — Vero Beach

An Indian River County sheriff's deputy shot an armed man while investigating a domestic violence report.

Christopher Berk, who was being treated for bipolar disorder and depression, had left the scene before deputies showed up.

While Deputy Justin Moskowitz was interviewing witnesses to the reported attack, Berk, 26, returned with a shotgun by his side, Moskowitz said. When told to drop his weapon, Berk took cover and raised the shotgun at the deputy. Read more

Moskowitz shot Berk three times in the elbow, abdomen and leg. Berk was later convicted on three counts of attempted murder and is serving a 25-year prison sentence.

This was the 15th police shooting in Florida in 2013.

Four days earlier, one officer shot one person in Miami .

One day later, two officers shot one person in Sarasota .

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Berk was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  2. Berk was involved in a domestic disturbance, a factor in 115 cases.
  3. Berk showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.
  4. Berk pointed a weapon at officers. Twenty-eight percent of shootings involved people who police say pointed a weapon at them.

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