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Oct. 28, 2014 — Gretna

Around 9 a.m., Sgt. Charles Brown arrived at Juanita Donald’s home. Donald had called 911 to have her son taken to the hospital. It wasn’t the first time.

Kaldrick Donald, 24, had been under care for mental illness but was not taking his medication.

Sgt. Brown approached Kaldrick Donald on the front porch. The two struggled, Brown used his Taser on Donald and they ended up in the bathroom of the house. Read more

Brown said Donald struck him several times in the left eye despite a stun-gun shock. The bathroom floor gave way and Brown became pinned. As the attack continued, he felt he was losing consciousness.

Brown fired his weapon, killing Kaldrick.

Sgt. Brown was cleared by a grand jury and the FDLE.

Juanita Donald said Sgt. Brown was belligerent with her son, who had tried to walk away. Donald‘s family filed a lawsuit against the city of Gretna and the police. In February 2016, the judge found in favor of the police.

This was the 103rd police shooting in Florida in 2014.

One day earlier, seven officers shot one person in Hialeah .

Five days later, two officers shot one person in Miami .

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Donald was shot after friends, family, or others called the police to ask for help in getting Donald emergency mental health services. That’s a factor in 6 percent of cases.
  2. Donald was shot after resisting arrest. A total of 114 people were shot while resisting arrest.
  3. A civil lawsuit was filed in response to Donald's shooting. Ninety other cases led to lawsuits.
  4. Donald showed signs of mental instability. Almost a third of all shootings involved someone who appeared mentally unstable.

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