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July 30, 2010 — Miami

An officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department robbery intervention detail noticed a car at a BP gas station in Miami that records showed was stolen in an armed robbery.

He called for backup. Detective Brent Speck and another detective pulled up to the gas station in an unmarked vehicle wearing black clothing marked "police." Speck tried to block-in the car driven by Marquis Yates, 17. The detective said he exited his vehicle and yelled "Miami-Dade Police. Let me see your hands." He pointed his firearm at Yates, who did not follow Speck's commands.

Yates then put his car in reverse and struck a police vehicle behind him, then accelerated forward toward Speck. Read more

The detective jumped onto the running board of his vehicle as Yates struck the driver's side door, pinning Speck between the door and door frame.

Speck said he had trouble breathing and feared Yates would crush and kill him.

Speck said he fired his gun at Yates but did not remember how many shots he fired. Detectives later found 13 bullet holes in the car Yates was driving.

Yates suffered a gunshot wound in his right shoulder and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Speck suffered bruising.

Yates was arrested on charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, armed carjacking and grand theft auto. He was later sentenced to prison.

This was the 59th police shooting in Florida in 2010.

One day earlier, six officers shot one person in Hialeah .

One day later, one officer shot one person in Sebring .

6 ways this case compares to others

  1. Officer Speck was involved in one other shooting from 2009 to 2014. Eighty-five officers were involved in more than one shooting during that time period.
  2. Yates was shot after injuring an officer with a vehicle. That's extremely rare; it happened only 20 times.
  3. Yates was armed with a firearm. That’s true of almost half the people shot.
  4. Yates was shot after resisting arrest. A total of 114 people were shot while resisting arrest.
  5. Yates was suspected of being involved in an armed robbery. That's true in 1 of every 9 police .
  6. Yates and 94 other people who police shot reportedly drove at an officer.

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