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Feb. 25, 2009 — Miami

Michael Davis, 31, who had previously been identified as 22-year-old Oswain Walcott, was wanted in connection with a Feb. 21 homicide.

According to a Miami-Dade police report, Miami Beach police talked to Davis at his apartment, but he jumped out of a window and ran.

Davis went to a nearby house and held a mother and son hostage overnight. Davis' boyfriend led the task force to a motel room on Biscayne Boulevard but Davis was not there. Read more

The boyfriend told police that Davis wanted to die before going to jail.

Police surrounded an apartment complex that he was seen running into.

Then a woman was seen jumping out of a third-floor window and Davis ran out of the building.

Police chased him to a cobblestone driveway by the apartments.

Davis reached into his waistband and screamed, "I have a gun!" Four officers fired at him.

Davis was shot twice in the pelvic area and died at the hospital.

This was the 27th police shooting in Florida in 2009.

The same day, three officers shot one person in Lakeland .

Five days later, three officers shot one person in Miami Gardens .

4 ways this case compares to others

  1. Davis did not immediately comply with police instruction, a factor in nearly a quarter of shootings.
  2. Davis was one of 25 people who were shot after telling someone that he wouldn't go to jail or back to prison.
  3. Davis was fleeing from police or a crime scene, which is true in a quarter of shootings.
  4. Officers was chasing Davis on foot before shooting him. Officers shot 105 people during foot pursuits.

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