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  1. Ask Dr. Hort: Cold kills foxtails; hibiscus can weep again


    NOTE; TIMES HAS PERMISSION TO DISTRIBUTE ----------- By GREG CHARLES Times Correspondent Ask Dr. Hort: Answers to your gardening questions Cold hurt foxtail palms …

    Weeping hibiscus, Hibiscus schizopetalus
  2. Too much water likely to blame for corn plant's yellowing


    Need help? …

    Walter viburnum
  3. A Florida gardenia nursery uses expert grafting and the AquaMat irrigation system with excellent results


    CLEARWATER Most of the fragrant white gardenias for sale at family-owned garden centers throughout Florida owe their being to one man, an 87-year-old with a sparkle in his eye and a wizard's touch. …

    Harmon C. Carroll tends to his grafted gardenia seedlings at Carroll Brothers Nursery in Clearwater. He has more than half a century of expertise. In addition to the wholesale operation, there’s a St. Petersburg nursery that is open to the public.
  4. Plumeria brings fragrance, beauty to the garden


    Ugly sticks, shorter than a ruler, lay on a co-worker's desk a few years ago. "Would you like one?" she asked. For what, I wondered, staring at them. She handed one to me. "Stick it in a pot with soil, do nothing for two weeks, then water." …

  5. Yard man can help with a gardening or plant problem


    Do you have a spot in your yard where it seems nothing will grow — or at least nothing you've tried? Or maybe you just moved into a new house and have a lot of things growing, but don't know what they are, or how to care for them.  …

  6. Meet the colorful, tropical hibiscus family at Tropical Hibiscus Show


    like us, plants belong to extended families — they even have first and last names as we do. Sometimes they will have a third name that indicates a connection somewhat like a cousin, aunt or uncle. …

  7. Looking for a tree trimmer? Get a pro


    It was early on a Sunday morning when the young, scruffy fellow knocked on Greg Charles' front door. Spotting lots of trees in the St. Petersburg yard, he came calling with a chain saw and a story about how all those big trees needed cutting. …

  8. Plant strategically to enjoy homegrown fruit year-round


    One of the great joys of gardening in Florida is that you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor — as in oranges, mangoes, bananas and lemons. You can even grow heat-tolerant blueberries, apples, peaches and plums that taste similar to fruits grown in northern climates. …