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  1. Just for you: 80 Memorial Day sales — with coupon codes to boot

    Deal Divas

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice fallen military members have made for our country, from the Revolutionary War to present day.   …

  2. Coupons? Cords? Giving your makeup bag a second life

    Deal Divas

    Recently I was chatting with Times managing editor Jennifer Orsi about the plight of the makeup bag. If you're a makeup-wearing human, you probably also have an abundance of these lying around your house, whether from free Clinique or Estee Lauder gifts with purchase, or from a subscription service like Ipsy. They always seem fun to get when they arrive, but then, it's like, what do you DO with them?  …

    One of my ipsy bags, not the designated purse coupon holder.
  3. Los Angeles investment firm buys Valpak direct mail business


    St. Petersburg-based Valpak, one of the nation's largest direct mail companies, has been acquired by a California billionaire who is the owner of the NBA's Detroit Pistons. …

    St. Petersburg-based Valpak, one of the nation's largest direct mail companies, has been acquired by a California billionaire.
[Company handout photo]
  4. Rays unveil free kids program that includes 6 game tickets

    The Heater

    The Rays today unveiled a new free program for kids 14 and under that includes tickets to six games. The Rays Rookies club, presented by Outback Steakhouse, includes the following: …

  5. It's time to fulfill your destiny. Here are your Black Friday hours.

    Deal Divas

    Y'all ready for this?  Black Friday (or Thursday, as it were these days) is upon us. After you stuff your gut, it's time to head out for the age-old tradition of stuffing your bags and unstuffing your wallet. …

    You, on Black Friday.
  6. Valpak plans significant expansion under new owner Platinum Equity


    ST. PETERSBURG — First things first: Don't expect platinum-colored Valpak envelopes stuffed with coupons in your mailbox. …

    Michael Vivio, president and CEO of Valpak and Savings.com, said he anticipates significant investments from the companies' new owner.
[Photo courtesy of Valpak]
  7. Weighing the costs of couponing craziness


    Sometimes, a pop culture phenomenon sweeps across the land but somehow leaves me behind. As a child, I may have been the last person in Tallahassee to see Star Wars, waiting until the 56th week of its record run in the theaters. As a teen, I never tried to moonwalk or sported a Jheri-curl.  …

  8. Has the coupon craze crossed the line?

    Deal Divas

    We all love a good deal -- obviously. But the coupon craze that's sweeping the nation seems to be bordering on insanity. When a hobby spawns a reality show with "EXTREME" in the name, you know there's trouble, right? …

  9. Local groups clip coupons for use by troops overseas


    The coupon being scanned at the commissary in Manheim, Germany, shouldn't be there. German newspapers don't have coupons. The commissaries don't issue them. But Brandy Dozier still gets $1 off three boxes of cereal. …

  10. Extreme couponing encourages processed food hoarding


    Couponing can erupt out of financial necessity, but it also can manifest into an addictive game of justifying exactly how much deodorant one actually needs. …

  11. Coupon code: Save $5 on these cool '80s T-shirts

    Stuck in the '80s

    What did we do in the days before all these cool '80s T-shirts companies opened on the Web? Oh, that's right. We bought our stuff at Chess King and Spencer's Gifts. Well, this is better. …

  12. Coupons for the 12-hour sale at Stein Mart this weekend

    Deal Divas

    Our partners at Here's the Deal Tampa Bay have done some aces investigative reporting digging up your deal of the week, plus some good coupons for you to use this weekend. …

  13. News at Noon: Obama heads to Chicago for farewell speech; Florida falling behind on minimum wage; football fans jet out of Tampa; Hard Rock christening new poker room


    President Barack Obama is heading home to Chicago to say goodbye to the nation.. Obama has referred to his home in the Hyde Park neighborhood here as "a time capsule," a mostly uninhabited place full of old bills and news clippings dating back to a time before he took office. Obama chose Chicago to deliver his farewell-to-the-nation speech because of his "deep and profound love for the city. …

    President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address to the nation from Chicago. [ Associated Press file]
  14. Publix, and couponing old-school


    When I saw the headline, my first thought was: Please, please don't let it be BOGO. But no. Publix was not killing off its wildly popular buy-one-get-one-free deals. The grocery store chain was just fine-tuning its coupon policy in the modern world of uber-couponing. And, whew. Saints be praised. …

  15. Save $10 off $25 with Stein Mart, Macy's coupons

    Deal Divas

    Save your big buck for the stores in our local shopping guide. For the just-need-something-for-Aunt-Matilda's on your list, we can help you save this weekend. …

  16. Complaints about group coupons appear to be on the rise


    As group coupon purveyors grow in popularity on the Internet and granddaddy Groupon prepares to go public, consumer complaints about these types of daily-discount offers are also on the rise, a new survey suggests. …

  17. Some stores cracking down on extreme coupon use


    A recent article on The Consumerist found the TLC show, Extreme Couponing, has sparked a trend of out-of-control couponers who ransack stores with little regard for fellow shoppers. Merchants have taken notice, and many major retailers are starting to change their policies. Here are some of the big ones. …

  18. 1 year, 8 Crocs: One woman's total Crocs conversion (they're cute now, really)

    Deal Divas

    This post comes from Stephanie Bolling, who works in the Times' IT department and has had an amazing run with Crocs, of all things. Enjoy her essay. …

    Stephanie is loving her new Crocs collection (and this picture is missing a pair). She's never looking back.
  19. Coupon craze clips newspaper carriers' income


    The sputtering economy has prompted more shoppers to use coupons to save on their grocery bills.  …

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