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  1. Ex-Dolphins lineman Keith Sims shares coupon secrets

    Personal Finance

    FORT LAUDERDALE Keith Sims knows how to protect and block. The former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, who also played for the Washington Redskins, is a three-time Pro Bowler who guarded Dan Marino's blind side. Sims retired from the NFL in 2000. …

    Ex-Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Keith Sims has an obsession off the field: couponing. He “calls an audible” while shopping at a Publix in Weston. They didn’t have all the items he wanted, so he had to change his game plan.
  2. Publix restricts coupon use to discourage extreme couponing


    Calling all extreme couponers. Publix is on to you. Florida's largest grocery chain tightened its coupon policy Wednesday to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. …

    Publix on Wednesday tightened its coupon policy to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. [Times files (2010)]
  3. Catalina adds digital coupon business


    Catalina, the St. Petersburg-based global retail marketing company, is expanding its digital coupons business. Catalina has bought Cellfire, a top provider of online coupons redeemed through grocery store loyalty cards. …

  4. Coupons? Cords? Giving your makeup bag a second life

    Deal Divas

    Recently I was chatting with Times managing editor Jennifer Orsi about the plight of the makeup bag. If you're a makeup-wearing human, you probably also have an abundance of these lying around your house, whether from free Clinique or Estee Lauder gifts with purchase, or from a subscription service like Ipsy. They always seem fun to get when they arrive, but then, it's like, what do you DO with them?  …

    One of my ipsy bags, not the designated purse coupon holder.
  5. Think beyond regular coupons to save more money


    Ever hear this piece of investment advice, "You've got to spend money to make money"? It's usually said by someone trying to sell you something. I have, and it goes against my every tight-fisted instinct. How can I be sure that I will make back the initial outlay? …

  6. Lifestyle by samples: When you want La Mer but do not have La Mer money

    Deal Divas

    So I'm in DC this week for work-related reasons, and it's great to be here and walking around the capital. I'm grateful. I will say ... There's this thing here called winter weather, and it is tearing up my skin in record time. Dry lips. Dry cheeks. Dry arms. …

    Want to have a laugh *and* allow your face to survive the winter weather? Get yourself one of these super tiny samples of La Mer.
  7. Five easy steps to start lowering grocery bills through couponing


    Recently I introduced couponing to a friend. She was hesitant to start because she assumed couponing meant time and hassle. Not so! Here are five small steps to get into couponing using just an hour a week: …

  8. Courting with coupons

    Personal Finance

    A survey by Coupon Cabin found that 26 percent of adults have used a coupon on a first date. The question: Would you walk out on a date if the guy or woman used a coupon? Here are two of the responses: …

  9. Coupon insert RedPlum pulls out of Tampa Bay area newspapers


    Coupon insert RedPlum will no longer be included in Sunday editions of the Tampa Bay Times and other local newspapers starting Sunday. …

  10. 'Cops on Doughnut Shops' fundraiser offers Krispy Kreme coupons

    Human Interest

    The sight of law enforcement officers swarming local Krispy Kreme rooftops through Saturday shouldn't be cause for alarm. Police in Tampa and St. Petersburg took over the doughnut chain's local rooftops Thursday in an effort to raise money for Special Olympics charities.  …

    Tampa police Cpl. Ellen Schantz takes Red through the Krispy Kreme drive-through on Kennedy Boulevard so the horse can collect a cinnamon apple-filled donut while police Chief Jane Castor looks on during the Cops on Doughnut Shops fundraiser.
  11. Make healthy choices when using coupons at the grocery store


    With cases of obesity in the United States at record numbers, it's important to look at all the ways that we, not only as individuals, but as a society, can have an impact on helping to correct the problem.  …

    Lavinia Rodriguez
  12. Text deal alerts, why can't I quit you?

    Deal Divas

    As a new Diva, I feel like I should get all my weaknesses out right up front: I’m addicted to signing up for text deal alerts.  I know, I know - texts? What is this, 2007?  …

    This photo from 2009 of an antiquated cell phone is an accurate representation of how un-hip I feel getting text alerts.
  13. Ipsy: Is the makeup subscription service worth it?

    Deal Divas

    I've never been great with makeup: Where to buy it, what kind to buy, how to apply it. It wasn't until the past two years or so that I started to realize the benefits of spending more than $6 on powder or concealer (hello, better-looking skin!), of stocking up on quality essentials instead of another cheap purple eyeshadow. I splurged on Bare Minerals face products, which are ideal for my sensitive skin and contain SPF because we're not 19 years old anymore; I'm the proud owner (like, maybe too proud) of an Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette that I apply daily. …

    The collection of Ipsy "Glam Bags" currently serving another purpose in my purse.
  14. Coupon Queen: Shrinking coupon values push shoppers to store brands


    Recently readers frustrated with the increasing number of low-value coupons have shared their views. One said that if a coupon doesn't make a large enough dent in the price of a national name-brand item, she doesn't use it. She buys the retailer's store brand instead. Will this emerging "boycott the 25-cent coupon" approach encourage marketers to offer better coupon values? …

  15. Ringling Museum's 'Re:Purposed' show meant to inspire, aspire

    Visual Arts


    Courtesy of the Ringling Museum of Art
  16. Want to know when to find coupons? Check the schedule


    Dear Jill: I was wondering which websites are best to check out the coupon inserts before they appear in the newspaper. The past two weeks the paper has been coupon-free. I would like any tips that you are willing to share. Stephanie A. …

  17. How to convince a store cashier that your coupons are legitimate


    Dear Jill: I have a question about ethical couponing. I downloaded a PDF file of a coupon from a company's website and printed multiple copies. I went to the store to stock up but the cashier would only accept one of each kind of coupon with a unique code. This is not stated in the store's coupon policy. I was not intending to redeem fraudulent coupons. With the tight coupon printing restriction at most sites, I assumed if the company wanted to restrict prints it would, instead of offering them in the PDF format. It seems to me that a company that offers a PDF should redeem multiple coupons with the same code. What should I learn from this? — Rita L. …

  18. Digital coupons at Publix offer pros, cons


    I tried the new digital coupons at Publix the other day. The grocery chain is introducing paperless coupons at its 1,068 stores and began rolling them out at some Tampa locations last week.  …

  19. Customers camp out for 52 free-meal coupons from Chick-fil-A

    Food & Dining

    TEMPLE TERRACE Richard Coley eats at Chick-fil-A six days a week. He loves the food, obviously. But, even more, he loves the restaurant and everything it stands for. "I like the fact that they believe in God and Christian principles and they don't compromise," he said. …

    Brendan Phelps, 20, of Wesley Chapel helps his friend Patrick Beach unload supplies in the parking lot of the Chick-fil-A on Fowler Avenue near the University of South Florida in Tampa. The restaurant closed four months ago but is reopening today.
  20. Coupon Queen: Redeeming rebate offers can be a challenge


    Do you enjoy rebates? My in-box is constantly filling up with stories of rebates gone wrong. Many shoppers — including me — are wary of them.  …

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