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  1. Of course that $75 Publix coupon is fake; stop sharing it


    Publix wants you to know that coupon for $75 off of a purchase of $80 or more is fake. …

    Publix posted a warning about the fake $75 off coupon on its Facebook page. [Publix Facebook]
  2. Clearwater program to reward recycling by giving out coupons


    CLEARWATER — Clearwater recyclers will be rewarded for their conservation efforts through coupons to local businesses through a program that launched Monday. …

  3. Best and worst things to buy in May


    In May, many retailers will make room for new inventory by getting rid of old inventory — which means potential sales and savings on the items you need for the summer and beyond. But sometimes, you'll have better luck spotting sales after May and toward the end of the summer. … images
  4. Superbrief hed news offlead goes right herey


    BRANDON Down syndrome group holds movie day …

  5. $100 Publix coupon sounds too good to be true — and is


    Don't believe everything you see on Facebook. A photo of a $100 off Publix coupon made the rounds on social media this weekend, but the grocery store chain says the coupon is fake. The counterfeit coupon was for $100 off a purchase of $120 or more.  …

    A scam Publix coupon
  6. Publix restricts coupon use to discourage extreme couponing


    Calling all extreme couponers. Publix is on to you. Florida's largest grocery chain tightened its coupon policy Wednesday to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. …

    Publix on Wednesday tightened its coupon policy to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. [Times files (2010)]
  7. Hernando Blood Mobile for May 20


    Bloodmobile locations LifeSouth Community Blood Center will have blood drives at the following off-site locations during the coming week. Friday: 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Walmart, 13300 Cortez Blvd., Spring Hill. …

  8. Just for you: 80 Memorial Day sales — with coupon codes to boot

    Deal Divas

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice fallen military members have made for our country, from the Revolutionary War to present day.   …

  9. Winn-Dixie launches app for personalized digital coupons


    Winn-Dixie, the venerable Florida-based grocery chain, may not be able to keep up with the fancy foodie movement being embraced by such Tampa Bay competitors as Publix and Whole Foods Market. But that doesn't mean the 90-year-old Sunshine State institution isn't trying to keep up with the times.  …

  10. Jericho Road Ministries lays plans for new thrift store on County Line Road


    SPRING HILL — With the income from its thrift stores generating most of the funds that support its five shelters and food bank, Jericho Road Ministries' founder is hoping the store the organization is about to build on County Line Road will provide operating revenue for Jericho's newest men's shelter, Joshua House. …

    Jericho Road Ministries will close its Hudson thrift store in July and a new one on County Line Road should open in six to eight months.
  11. Catalina adds digital coupon business


    Catalina, the St. Petersburg-based global retail marketing company, is expanding its digital coupons business. Catalina has bought Cellfire, a top provider of online coupons redeemed through grocery store loyalty cards. …

  12. Ex-Dolphins lineman Keith Sims shares coupon secrets


    FORT LAUDERDALE Keith Sims knows how to protect and block. The former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, who also played for the Washington Redskins, is a three-time Pro Bowler who guarded Dan Marino's blind side. Sims retired from the NFL in 2000. …

    Former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Keith Sims saved $144.83 during a shopping trip to a Publix in Weston in February 2014.
  13. Think beyond regular coupons to save more money


    Ever hear this piece of investment advice, "You've got to spend money to make money"? It's usually said by someone trying to sell you something. I have, and it goes against my every tight-fisted instinct. How can I be sure that I will make back the initial outlay? …

  14. Courting with coupons


    A survey by Coupon Cabin found that 26 percent of adults have used a coupon on a first date. The question: Would you walk out on a date if the guy or woman used a coupon? Here are two of the responses: …

  15. Coupons? Cords? Giving your makeup bag a second life

    Deal Divas

    Recently I was chatting with Times managing editor Jennifer Orsi about the plight of the makeup bag. If you're a makeup-wearing human, you probably also have an abundance of these lying around your house, whether from free Clinique or Estee Lauder gifts with purchase, or from a subscription service like Ipsy. They always seem fun to get when they arrive, but then, it's like, what do you DO with them?  …

    One of my ipsy bags, not the designated purse coupon holder.
  16. My Outfit Monday: A tulip dress for spring

    Deal Divas

    Lately, I've been really into dresses. We're at that point in the Land of No Seasons when it's kinda spring-ish in the mornings and nights, and pretty hot the rest of the time. Dresses are just the thing. I'm also constantly reminded how great they are for making it look like you put effort into your outfit when really you put on/had to coordinate less pieces than a pants-shirt or pants-skirt combo. …

  17. Hillsborough school leaders want to monitor religious groups without discouraging volunteers


    TAMPA — The Hillsborough County School Board cautioned against letting complaints about the role of faith-based groups in schools discourage volunteers from helping children. …

    Hillsborough County school superintendent Jeff Eakins has met in recent months with the American Civil Liberties Union, the Jewish Community Relations Council and other groups to discuss the role of Idlewild Baptist Church and organizations that support Christian student clubs. The school board addressed concerns about faith-based groups on Tuesday. [ZACK WITTMAN | Times]
  18. Superintendent Jeff Eakins, ACLU at odds over religious activity in Hillsborough schools


    TAMPA — Superintendent Jeff Eakins met with the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday to discuss Constitutional concerns about religious proselytizing in Hillsborough County's public schools. The meeting lasted 90 minutes. The group found Eakins receptive. …

    Pastor Ken Whitten of Idlewild Baptist Church talks to Hillsborough County Schools principals and assistant principals in a seminar last October. The schools system has been criticized for its close relationship with the church. [Times (2015)]
  19. Five easy steps to start lowering grocery bills through couponing


    Recently I introduced couponing to a friend. She was hesitant to start because she assumed couponing meant time and hassle. Not so! Here are five small steps to get into couponing using just an hour a week: …

  20. 'Cops on Doughnut Shops' fundraiser offers Krispy Kreme coupons


    The sight of law enforcement officers swarming local Krispy Kreme rooftops through Saturday shouldn't be cause for alarm. Police in Tampa and St. Petersburg took over the doughnut chain's local rooftops Thursday in an effort to raise money for Special Olympics charities.  …

    St. Petersburg police Sgt. Ed Borrelli takes a photo of Officer Ron Try sitting atop his horse, Brooklyn, as the Percheron-thoroughbred noses around in vain for more doughnuts at the Krispy Kreme drive-through window during the Cops on Doughnut Shops fundraiser for the Special Olympics on Thursday. Officers on the roof of the Krispy Kreme lowered a bucket with coupons into the drive-through lane so that customers could put in their donations. 

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