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  1. Of course that $75 Publix coupon is fake; stop sharing it


    Publix wants you to know that coupon for $75 off of a purchase of $80 or more is fake. …

    Publix posted a warning about the fake $75 off coupon on its Facebook page. [Publix Facebook]
  2. It's time to fulfill your destiny. Here are your Black Friday hours.

    Deal Divas

    Y'all ready for this?  Black Friday (or Thursday, as it were these days) is upon us. After you stuff your gut, it's time to head out for the age-old tradition of stuffing your bags and unstuffing your wallet. …

    You, on Black Friday.
  3. Clearwater program to reward recycling by giving out coupons


    CLEARWATER — Clearwater recyclers will be rewarded for their conservation efforts through coupons to local businesses through a program that launched Monday. …

  4. Here's how to use cashback sites like Ebates, TopCashback and other tools to save money during holiday shopping


    Interested in earning some money from your holiday shopping? Here are some tips and tricks. Many of these sites and browser plugins I learned about from following a blog my brother mentioned to me a few years ago, The Cheapskate, written by Rick Broida. …

    Cashback sites and other online tools can help save you money during holiday shopping. istock photo.
  5. Tampa home built for former New York Yankees star Jorge Posada hits the market for nearly $6 million


    TAMPA — In one of Tampa Bay's best years for luxury home sales, another mansion is testing the market: an Avila estate built for former New York Yankees slugger Jorge Posada. …

    Located in Tampa's Avila community, this mansion built for former New York Yankees slugger Jorge Posada and now owned by the CEO of an e-commerce company is on the market for nearly $6-million. Photo by Raif Fluker.
  6. Column: Spending time with loved ones is the best gift


    Think about the last, oh, three things you got as gifts. Now think about who got them for you. Think about how you felt when you got them. Tough, right? Now, think of the last great experience you had with someone. …

    Seeing culinary goddess Ina Garten. People in seats intensely studying herbed fromage blanc in her book. Woman next to us literally started sobbing when Ina came out. Thunderous applause from the theater on mention of lemon skillet chicken. And now we know Jeffrey’s favorite root veg is celery root.
  7. Holiday Gift Guide: Skip the stuff and buy your friends and family cool experiences


    Just what you needed. Another decorative vase. Another pair of whimsical socks. Another oven mitt shaped like a pig. …

     Spa Oceana at Loews Don CeSar Hotel in St. Pete Beac. LARA CERRI  |   Times
  8. Publix restricts coupon use to discourage extreme couponing


    Calling all extreme couponers. Publix is on to you. Florida's largest grocery chain tightened its coupon policy Wednesday to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. …

    Publix on Wednesday tightened its coupon policy to discourage shoppers from overusing coupons and buying up everything on a shelf. [Times files (2010)]
  9. Election Day deals include free doughnuts, beer and pizza

    The Feed

    The nation may be divided on who it wants for its next president, but that doesn't mean we can't come together over our love of free and cheap stuff. Here are a few election day deals going on around Tampa Bay. …

    Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to voters on Election Day.
  10. $100 Publix coupon sounds too good to be true — and is


    Don't believe everything you see on Facebook. A photo of a $100 off Publix coupon made the rounds on social media this weekend, but the grocery store chain says the coupon is fake. The counterfeit coupon was for $100 off a purchase of $120 or more.  …

    A scam Publix coupon
  11. Just for you: 80 Memorial Day sales — with coupon codes to boot

    Deal Divas

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice fallen military members have made for our country, from the Revolutionary War to present day.   …

  12. Catalina adds digital coupon business


    Catalina, the St. Petersburg-based global retail marketing company, is expanding its digital coupons business. Catalina has bought Cellfire, a top provider of online coupons redeemed through grocery store loyalty cards. …

  13. Winn-Dixie launches app for personalized digital coupons


    Winn-Dixie, the venerable Florida-based grocery chain, may not be able to keep up with the fancy foodie movement being embraced by such Tampa Bay competitors as Publix and Whole Foods Market. But that doesn't mean the 90-year-old Sunshine State institution isn't trying to keep up with the times.  …

  14. Shopping Planner: Indie Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and more

    Deal Divas

    MERRY MARKETS: HOLIDAY MARKET ROUNDUP It’s that time of year, and Tampa Bay is teeming with holiday markets to meet all your shopping needs. Each week I’ll highlight one or two. Find a complete listing at …

    Blue Sage Eco Boutique's handmade and hand poured soy candles will be available at Black Market: Black Friday, which is actually on Saturday, Nov. 26.
  15. Making spirits bright: a look at some fitness and beauty gift ideas


    Finding a good-for-you gift that says "I chose this with love" isn't an easy thing. There's always a fine line between naughty and nice, between "I think you need" and "I thought you'd like." For example:  …

    Boscia's ?€š€œMask It All?€š€ skin-care kit retails for $49.95.
  16. Meet the guy who was delivering groceries in Tampa Bay long before Shipt and Instacart arrived


    Chris Fleming was delivering groceries from supermarkets like Publix in the Tampa Bay area long before companies like Instacart or Shipt showed up. …

    Chris Fleming, seen here in Nature's Food Patch, has run a grocery delivery business in Tampa Bay way longer than Shipt and Instacart has been around. He often shops at Nature's Food Patch, a local grocery store in Clearwater that he partners with. JIM DAMASKE   |   Times
  17. Courting with coupons


    A survey by Coupon Cabin found that 26 percent of adults have used a coupon on a first date. The question: Would you walk out on a date if the guy or woman used a coupon? Here are two of the responses: …

  18. Think beyond regular coupons to save more money


    Ever hear this piece of investment advice, "You've got to spend money to make money"? It's usually said by someone trying to sell you something. I have, and it goes against my every tight-fisted instinct. How can I be sure that I will make back the initial outlay? …

  19. Ex-Dolphins lineman Keith Sims shares coupon secrets


    FORT LAUDERDALE Keith Sims knows how to protect and block. The former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, who also played for the Washington Redskins, is a three-time Pro Bowler who guarded Dan Marino's blind side. Sims retired from the NFL in 2000. …

    Ex-Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Keith Sims has an obsession off the field: couponing. He “calls an audible” while shopping at a Publix in Weston. They didn’t have all the items he wanted, so he had to change his game plan.
  20. Coupons? Cords? Giving your makeup bag a second life

    Deal Divas

    Recently I was chatting with Times managing editor Jennifer Orsi about the plight of the makeup bag. If you're a makeup-wearing human, you probably also have an abundance of these lying around your house, whether from free Clinique or Estee Lauder gifts with purchase, or from a subscription service like Ipsy. They always seem fun to get when they arrive, but then, it's like, what do you DO with them?  …

    One of my ipsy bags, not the designated purse coupon holder.

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