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  1. In Our Kitchen: Cool off with watermelon granita


    It's sweaty out there, whew. Jeans are getting pushed to the back of the closet. No pants till September. If, like me, you're looking for an excuse to stick y our head in the freezer, the answer is granita. Gra-ni-ta! That's the Italian name for this icy dessert, and you can flavor it pretty much any way you like.  …

  2. In Our Kitchen: Peach and Plum Crisp


    This time of summer is like being in stone fruit heaven, with all kinds of plums, fragrant peaches and plump cherries. I paired plums and peaches to make what is my favorite summer dessert: the Peach and Plum Crisp. It's as easy to make as it is delicious, and this stone fruit crisp will be loved by everyone at any potluck or hangout you're invited to this summer. …

  3. In Our Kitchen: Sweet and Smoky Beet Burgers with homemade buns


    The first time we went to Portland, we hiked, biked, and drank and ate our way around the city and developed a serious crush on the Pacific Northwest. It was July, a perfect time to leave overheated Florida for lush Oregon. …

  4. My Outfit Monday: Brunch much?

    Deal Divas

    My outfit for an indulgent brunch needed just one thing. Room for forgiveness. …

  5. Ileana Morales


    Ileana Morales writes the In Our Kitchen column for the Taste section. She also blogs at

  6. In Our Kitchen: Spaghetti With Sardines, Lemon and Anchovy Bread Crumbs


    The single-girl meal. For me, it had always been eggs or a tuna sandwich.  …

  7. In Our Kitchen: Lime-Cilantro Tofu gives you a reason to roast


    I wouldn't ask you to crank up the oven right now if it wasn't worth it. My AC is struggling to get our apartment to a temperature lower than 75 degrees, but I want you to set the oven to 450 degrees. Just for 20 minutes or so. Y our whole meal will be on the table in less than an h our.  …

  8. In Our Kitchen : Go for the green with Spanish Pea Soup With Crispy Ham


    I should probably have joined a gym by now, two weeks into the new year. Danny has taken up swimming for days when he's not running or playing tennis. You're more likely to find my enthusiasm for health on the food side of things. Yes, even the salads and everything else green that magazines are presenting to you this month. Honestly, it's what I crave. Keep any stray holiday cookies to y ourself. …

  9. In Our Kitchen: Olive Oil Granola with Coconut and Cherries


    The first time I made granola, well, I didn't mean to. I was trying to bake my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies, though I somehow forgot the butter. Or was it the fl our? The resulting oatmeal raisin granola was good. We ate it all. …

  10. In Our Kitchen: 20-somethings expand their repertoire, and so can you


    The wok is hot. Chopped snow peas, green onions, and bell peppers are waiting to go. Oil screams as it hits the wok and catches fire. Smoke sets off the alarm. My boyfriend is trying to kill me. This isn't the first time.  …

  11. In Our Kitchen: Savory Onion Pie from an unlikely s ource


    Two-lane roads led us down to Pearl in the Grove, a small Dade City restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. Outside on the unpaved parking lot, the sky is bright with stars I can't see from my home closer to Tampa. …

  12. In Our Kitchen: Smoky Spanish paprika flavors saucy chicken


    During a weekend visit to Danny's home state of Iowa, a longtime friend of his treated us with a bag of culinary goodies she collected during her trip to Spain: a creme of sardine and whiskey pate in a small red and gold tin; a scorpionfish pate in a box with a drawing of the notoriously ugly sea creature on it; a tin of pimenton and another containing blood sausage pate. …

  13. Dad and daughter cook up scientific delights in kitchen lab


    TAMPA Reagan calls dibs on adding the sugar. Barely taller than the blender resting on the counter, she carefully p ours a tablespoon of the white granules in with the raspberries and calcium lactate. …

  14. Apricots, sugar and lots of stirring makes tasty jam


    Someone in my home has jam envy. And it's not me. …

  15. Start soaking chickpeas: Garbanzos aren't just for hummus anymore


    Not everyone flips out over black beans. Pinto beans don't typically ignite passions. Lima beans don't get much love. But chickpeas are a different story.  …

  16. Chicken pot pie is comfort food perfect for winter's chill


    A sponge cake waits on the kitchen counter. Several candles are lit and the flames flicker in front of kids eager to blow them out. My grandfather starts his song. We shout along. “Ya queremos pastel. Aunque sea un pedacito, ya queremos pastel." …

  17. Gingersnap cookies smell and taste like Christmas


    Brisk air does a lot to set the scene for the holidays and a break to the Midwest instilled the Christmas spirit in me. Cold weather and a little snow on the ground made a visit to Iowa City with my boyfriend, Danny, even more romantic. Visiting old haunts made him sentimental in this nostalgic time of the year. …

  18. Inspiration from Aida Mollenkamp: Blood Orange-Braised Pork Shoulder


    How many blood oranges does a girl have to squeeze to get 1½ cups of juice? Nine. I won't forget it because the last one squirted into the bowl, yes, but also across the page that held the recipe for Blood Orange-Braised Pork Shoulder, thus christening my new cookbook. …

  19. Apple-onion corn bread is a post-holiday treat


    The latest issue of Bon Appétit arrived with a timely soup on the cover. Broth-based, somewhat prudent, and very January. Delicious, I bet, but I'm just not ready to switch gears yet. I'm still catching up on all the cozy recipes intended for the holidays. Gratins. Roasts. Comfort foods.  …

  20. Greet the new year with shakshuka, eggs poached in tomatoes


    Twelve grapes at midnight. Black-eyed peas. Flutes of Champagne, clinking and bubbling. The spread for New Year's Eve is one we all know. We want drinks that sparkle and food that will bring us luck in the new year. But what about the morning after? We should be thoughtful about the first meal of the new year, too. …

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