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  1. Saudi Arabia, allies open air campaign against Yemen rebels


    SANA, Yemen — Saudi jets pounded neighboring Yemen on Thursday and Egyptian warships steamed toward its coast in the start of an Arab-led offensive against Shiite rebels that has become a showdown between the major powers in the Middle East. …

    People search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes Thursday targeting military installations in Yemen held by Shiite rebels who were taking over a key port city in the country's south and had driven the embattled president to flee by sea, security officials said. [Associated Press]
  2. Florida senators visit Washington to discuss health care budget issues


    TALLAHASSEE — With a $5 billion health-care budget breach between the House and Senate halfway through the legislative session, Senate President Andy Gardiner dispatched two of his lieutenants to Washington this week to meet with federal officials about key health issues involving care for poor and uninsured Floridians. …

  3. Meet Marco Rubio's campaign team

    The Buzz

    By Alex Leary and Adam C. SmithMarco Rubio is waiting until April 13 to announce his presidential campaign, but his core team is in place, mostly employed by Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC. Strategists …

  4. Florida taxpayers pay ranchers millions to hold water back from Lake Okeechobee


    For generations, Florida's farmers and ranchers have used their land to grow oranges, sugar, tomatoes and beef cattle, among other things. But now they've added a highly profitable new crop: Water. …

    The Caulkins Citrus Co. in Martin County is being paid to retain 6,780 acre-feet of water at $76 per acre-foot. By contrast, an audit found putting the water on public land instead of private would cost the taxpayers just $8 per acre-foot.
  5. Run from Cuba, Americans cling to claims for seized property


    OMAHA, Neb. — The smell of Cuban coffee drifts from the kitchen as Carolyn Chester digs through photos, faded with age, that fill four boxes spread across the dining table. Friends linked arm-in-arm on the sands of a Cuban beach. Men in suits and women in evening gowns at a Havana nightclub. …

    Edmund Chester, left, meets with with President Fulgencio Batista in Cuba in 1939. Edmund Chester, an adviser and speechwriter for Batista, also wrote the president's authorized biography. [Photo courtesy of Carolyn Chester via Associated Press]