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  1. It's beginning to feel a lot like ... spring?!?

    Deal Divas

    I know we live in Florida, but really. Isn't a diva entitled to a little boot weather in December? …

  2. For a day, no autos on the autobahn


    Germany's autobahns are renowned for average speeds well in excess of 80 mph. But the average dropped near zero Sunday as tens of thousands of people sat at a 37-mile table for a cultural celebration titled, appropriately enough, "Still Life." Cars were strictly verboten. …

    Bicyclists take to the autobahn in Essen in western Germany during a cultural celebration called “Still Life.” A 37-mile stretch of one of the most traveled, A40, closed to cars for Sunday’s party.
  3. In Feed the Bay on Sunday, 800 Christians will shop to replenish food banks


    So someone e-mailed a joke the other day about a conversation between an old, wrinkled $20 bill and an equally weathered $1 bill. …

  4. In $789 billion stimulus package, Obama advances his agenda


    The stimulus bill signed by President Obama on Tuesday will not only pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, it will fulfill a surprising number of the new president's campaign promises. …

    President Obama signs the $789 billion stimulus in Denver, with Vice President Joe Biden. The measure advances Obama’s agenda on energy, tax policy and education.
  5. Take care of car before leaving home for the holidays


    Do you have a road trip in your future this holiday season? If so, here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your vehicle is ready to roll before you leave town. You'll also find some special tips in here for Floridians who never normally deal with frigid temperatures — just in case your road trip takes you over the hills, through the woods and straight into some wild winter weather! …

  6. and the Obameter: We're tracking Obama's promises


    Barack Obama made 510 promises when he was running for president, a list that is stunning in its scope and leaves almost no part of the executive branch untouched, according to a new analysis by PolitiFact.  …