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  1. As death penalty debate reignites, Florida carves its own path


    TALLAHASSEE — For nearly six months, the death chamber at Florida State Prison has remained empty. …

    Since Rick Scott entered office in 2011, Florida has executed 21 people. Last year, the state’s eight executions put it third nationwide, behind just Texas and Missouri, which executed 10 apiece.  [Florida Department of Corrections]
  2. Top things to do in Tampa Bay for July 5


    Hawk and Wayne's This Is a Comedy Show: The critically acclaimed comedy duo weave together a totally improvised one-act play based on audience suggestions. 6 p.m., American Stage Theatre Company at Raymond James Theater, 163 Third St. N, St. Petersburg. $10. (727) 823-7529.  …

    Ricky Wayne, left, and Gavin Hawk present their improv show, "321," at American Stage Theatre Company's "After Hours" series. Photo: American Stage Theatre Company
  3. Include weather in snook fishing preparations


    Top snook fishermen will tell you the key to success is timing. While tide and temperature are key, a knack for predicting the weather will serve an angler well this time of year. A successful angler must be smart, skillful and patient. Sometimes that means waiting till after the evening thunderstorm rolls through to go fishing. • Big snook, above and beyond the 34-inch slot limit, are females. They gather in coastal passes during the summer to spawn. The common snook, largest of the four species found in Florida waters (the other three are the sword-spined snook, fat snook and tarpon snook), is a finely tuned eating machine that will shut down when the barometric pressure drops. • A smart snook fisherman understands the factors that influence any species, including moon phase and tide, but the impact of weather, even a small localized thunderstorm, is often overlooked. That's why you should keep your snook outfit handy, right next to your umbrella and rain jacket. • Find a good weather site on your computer so you can watch the storm and wait until it is safe to hit the water. When there is no longer a threat of lightning, head out to your favorite snook spot and start casting. You will be glad you did. …

    Nesting Black Skimmers care for their young at a nesting colony along Pinellas’ municipal beaches.
  4. Captain's Corner: Tips to combat summer heat


    The summertime heat is in full swing. Get out early to avoid the heat and afternoon thunderstorms. Another option is to get out at night and fish docks and bridges with shrimp. With the water temperatures in the upper 80s, you will only be able to spend the first couple of hours of the day on the flats. After that, you will need to follow the fish to deeper water where it is cooler. It is not too late to target tarpon if you like, especially just coming on a full moon. In July they like to hang around the bridges and shipping channels. They are holding at the Skyway and Port Manatee. The Gandy Bridge is a good place to target them at night. The snook bite has been the best on the start of the incoming tide in most places. Find a point with good water flow and the snook will be piled up waiting for bait to be pushed by. Redfish have been a little harder to target right now. Patience is the key with these fish. There are schools around but you will have to hunt for them. Try looking around oyster beds in a little deeper water. Cut bait has worked best. The big draw this weekend should be gag grouper now that it is back open. Start about 30 miles out. Mangrove snapper will be a great side catch. …

    Mike Gore
  5. Captain's Corner: Tips on catching permit offshore


    Offshore wrecks and artificial reefs are holding schools of permit. With the cost of fuel, reliable coordinates are the main concern when heading offshore to locate permit. I have a network of friends who put me on fish. Permit will feed off of the structure, eating barnacles, shrimp, and crabs. I fill the well full of crabs the day before an offshore trip, and keep them alive overnight with a portable aerator. The strongest outgoing tides toward the end of the day are the best way to locate crabs. At my waypoint of choice, I anchor up using my High Definition GPS trolling motor. I just put the motor in the water and hit the "Anchor" button on the remote control. If I am off a little, I can "jog" the boat left or right with the arrow buttons to get precisely where I need to be. I do not have to worry about a clunky anchor. Ten-pound gear will not work offshore for permit; it is too light. Use 30-pound braid with a long 30-pound fluorocarbon leader to land these strong creatures. Permit have large eyes and become leader shy with anything heavier than 30-pound fluorocarbon. A large 60 series reel that can hold at least 300 yards of line is needed. Permit make long runs in seconds when hooked. …

  6. Column: The sunny side of greed


    In the dire prophecies of science fiction writers and the fevered warnings of left-wing activists, big corporations will soon rule the Earth — or already do. Fine with me. …

  7. Bangladesh might exile Rohingya refugees to a remote, flood-prone island


    Mohammed Islam is a Rohingya Muslim who has lived in a refugee camp in Bangladesh since age 9, after his family fled religious tension in his home country of Myanmar. …

  8. Captain's Corner: Tackling tarpon


    Tarpon remain at the top of the list for inshore anglers this week. Post-spawn tarpon are spread out from Egmont to traditional backwater haunts throughout Tampa Bay. This weekend's good midmorning outgoing tide offers anglers a shot at a hot crab bite. The 90-foot hole at Egmont Key will hold huge number of tarpon and Tarpon anglers. Drift live crabs through the area the fish are holding. Lightly weighting at least one of your crabs helps cover the whole water column. The 90-foot hole isn't the only place the fish will gather and wait for crabs to flush out, the Skyway bridge, Bean point, Southwest pass and Pass-a-Grille are also good places. Many of the fish that went offshore to spawn on the last full moon have settled into deep backwater spots. Dredge holes around bridges and deep harbors will hold plenty of fish for the summer. Plug-casting for these fish is an effective way to hook-up, single hook swim baits along with a variety of sinking twitch baits will work when the fish are happily rolling. Snook fishing will also be good this weekend. All the inlets along the ICW are holding lots of snook. Target rock jetties and sand shoal drop-offs on the strong part of either the outgoing or incoming tide. …

  9. Top things to do in Tampa Bay for June 28


    Betty Who: A synthopop singer hailing from Australia, best known for her single Somebody Loves You. 8 p.m., State Theatre, 687 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $14. (727) 895-3045. …

    WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 06: Singer Betty Who performs during the 2014 LA Gay Pride Festival on June 6, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)
  10. Same-sex marriage ruling divides GOP presidential field into two camps


    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court's decision Friday legalizing same-sex marriage across the country has confronted the Republican Party with a choice: to rally the base by continuing to fight, or take the loss and move on. …

    Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, said of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage on Friday: "While I disagree with this decision, we live in a republic and must abide by the law. As we look ahead, it must be a priority of the next president to nominate judges and justices committed to applying the Constitution as written and originally understood." [Associated Press]

  11. Explore the healing power of forgiveness


    Forgiveness is being discussed in some surprising places these days. No longer confined to discussions about religion and moral philosophy, forgiveness is expanding its well-established role as a virtue and taking its place as an important, maybe even essential, element of physical well-being. …

  12. Captain's Corner: Tips for summer fishing


    Summertime fishing in Tampa Bay can be a bit tricky. Extreme heat and rain water, add to the regular challenges of fishing. These factors change certain dynamics for our area, increasing the difficulty for consistent catches. There are other seasonal obstacles such as spawning bait fish, and hot water temperatures. Mangrove snapper are thick around areas of structure. They are tricky, but boy are they delicious. They love the hot water and will bite all season long. They usually cooperate even on the hottest days. Tarpon are all over Hillsborough Bay. I saw three fish roll from Bayshore Boulevard in the time it took to drive from Gandy Boulevard to Howard Avenue. The water is stained with tannins from recent heavy rains. Tannic acid resulting from decaying vegetation is responsible for the "tea" colored bay water. This makes navigation and flats fishing more difficult because of lack of visibility. Since the bait fish are horizontally challenged, the use of a small diameter mesh cast net will help prevent the small baits from getting "gilled." An old dip net that only has the wire frame left is a useful tool in this situation. Simply hold the ring of your cast net and swish in a downward motion over "gilled" fish with the dip net. They will tumble out of the cast net easily and are still good bait and chum. Concentrate on fishing in areas where the tide moves well for best results. The flats can be extremely difficult on summer days. Utilizing different species can help increase fish in the box and the fun factor on a hot day. The versatility of Tampa Bay is amazing and all options should be attempted often for greater diversity, and overall knowledge of our waters. …

  13. Funding veto threatens research vessel's future


    ST. PETERSBURG — The 71-foot research vessel Bellows has been a marine sciences workhorse for four decades, helping researchers monitor red tide, analyze coral in the Keys and study oily water after the Deepwater Horizon spill. Thousands of students have used the ship as a floating lab, as well.  …

    The Florida Institute of Oceanography is working to replace its 46-year-old research vessel, the 'RV Bellows.' Gov. Rick Scott recently vetoed $6 million that would have allowed for the vessel's replacement.
  14. Lawmakers' changing tone on Confederate flag follows 15 years of refusal


    CHARLESTON, S.C. — For 15 years, South Carolina lawmakers refused to revisit the Confederate flag on Statehouse grounds, saying the law that took it off the dome was a bipartisan compromise, and renewing the debate would unnecessarily expose divisive wounds.  …

    This undated image that appeared on Lastrhodesian.com, a website being investigated by the FBI in connection with Charleston, S.C., shooting suspect Dylann Roof, shows Roof posing for a photo while holding a Confederate flag. The website surfaced online Saturday, June 20, 2015, and also contained a hate-filled 2,500-word essay that talks about white supremacy and concludes by saying the author alone will need to take action. [Lastrhodesian.com via Associated Press]
  15. Enjoy snacks, dinner at a binge-watch party with 'Gilmore Girls'


    It has been 15 years since Gilmore Girls first aired on TV, but it's clear the Girls are still a part of pop culture. Earlier this month, thousands of fans flocked to a Gilmore panel at the ATX Television Festival in Texas, where many of the show's cast members gathered for a reunion, and once again clamored for a Gilmore movie. People, including some cast members, still debate whether Rory should have picked all-American guy Dean or bad boy Jess. The Internet is full of quizzes to determine things like which of Lorelai's boyfriends you should have dated. Super fans can travel to Washington Depot, Conn., and visit the inspiration for Stars Hollow. Seven years after the show ended, we still miss Lorelai and Rory.  …

    It’s time to party with Lorelai (Lauren Graham), left, and Rory (Alexis Bledel).
  16. Captain's Corner: Snapper stealth


    Large congregations of mangrove snapper have taken up residence inside the bay for the summer. They can be found on almost any high-profile structure including rocky edges of the shipping channel, bridges, piers, range markers and artificial reefs. At one spot I frequented recently, a school of snapper came right to the boat like a welcoming committee. But just because you can see them doesn't mean you can catch them. The water has been very clear, and snapper have keen eyesight, making them tricky to catch. Downsizing hooks and leaders is a must. Chum with either live bait or cut bait. Baited hooks need to be presented in a natural manner, flowing down to the snapper with the tide. Any movement out of the ordinary will be ignored. I like to let my line have slack to let the bait move freely. Keeping a tight line makes the bait look like it's on a leash and the snapper will turn away. Another way to fool wary snapper is to fish at night when they tend to let their guard down. …

  17. Captain's Corner: Early morning is best time for flats fishing


    The summer heat has pushed many species of fish to deeper edges and shady terrain to avoid the hot midday sun. Early morning anglers have had the best shot at fish on the flats with the high, early day tides. Redfish have been responding well to live pinfish placed near the mangroves. Look for the spaces among the limbs where mullet have gathered. Usually the reds aren't far away. Cut pieces of pinfish, ladyfish, mullet or sardines also work well by spreading scent, bringing the fish to your area. Trout are seeking water from 4-8 feet. Grass flats around the inside of the passes have held all sizes of trout. Incoming tides are best as the water tends to be cooler. Free-lined greenbacks are getting pounced on by trout, mackerel and ladyfish along the edges of the grass. Snook have been stacking up in the beach troughs and along the rock jetties. The bigger female fish have been attacking grunts and large greenbacks or threadfins. The more cooperative smaller male snook are devouring sardines of any size. Usually a handful of chummed baits will give away their location. Cast near the boils of feeding fish and wait for a steady tug before reacting. Larger trout often can be caught in the same swashes the snook tend to inhabit. …

  18. Gators beat Virginia, stay alive in College World Series


    OMAHA, Neb. — Former Bloomingdale High standout Richie Martin doubled twice and reached base four times, leading Florida to a 10-5 victory over Virginia to avoid elimination in the College World Series on Friday. …

    Florida's Richie Martin (12) celebrates his run against Virginia on an RBI single by Josh Tobias in the third inning of an NCAA College World Series baseball game at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Neb., Friday, June 19, 2015. (AP Photo/Mike Theiler) NENH107
  19. Top things to do in Tampa Bay for June 21


    Tampa Bay Rays Watch Party: Vs. Cleveland: When the Rays are out of town, catch the game on the beach at a family-friendly watch party with a giant screen set up on the sand. The Rays Street Team will also be on hand with giveaways. Get a coupon for unlimited sliding on the giant slide for $15. Food and buckets of beer available for purchase. No coolers. 1:05 p.m., Guy Harvey Outpost: A Tradewinds Resort, 6000 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach. Free admission. $10 parking on site. (727) 367-6461.  …

    Cleveland Indians' David Murphy slides past Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jose Molina (28) to score on a hit by Zach Walters in the sixth inning of a baseball game Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan) CDB107
  20. Captain's Corner: Find snook along mangrove edges


    Snook have been extremely consistent along the mangrove edges at high tide. Points and overhanging limbs with shade are top ambush points as long as the water is high and moving. The fish are pushing out into potholes as the tide falls. Redfish schools are around but spooky. Approach upwind and uptide if possible. Cut bait is producing fish to 30 inches and some slot fish in the mix. The last full moon brought a bevy of snapper. They are at rock piles and bridge pilings all over the bay. Small whitebait or shrimp on a small hook have been the top producers. Tarpon are on bridges as the resident fish are staging up for their push offshore to spawn. Mackerel are large and in charge as they scour the bay looking for an easy meal. Look around the range markers and reefs that dot the bay. Sardines are the bait of choice but once located, these feisty fish will devour any offering and are a blast on a long rod.  …

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