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  1. Restaurant review: Noble Crust's second location is a boon to booming Wesley Chapel



    A House Salad with mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, radish, scallions, croutons and whipped feta at Noble Crust in Wesley Chapel.
  2. Sunday Conversation: With a flurry of firsts, Fentrice Driskell looks to open doors for others


    It was during a summer academic camp for high school students at Northwestern University that Fentrice Driskell spoke the words that forever changed her life. As everyone went around introducing themselves and proclaiming their college aspirations, Driskell realized suddenly she hadn't settled on a school. So she blurted out the first one that came to mind. …

    Politics has always held the interest of Fentrice Driskell, an attorney at Carlton Fields and one of the panelists for the upcoming Wonder Women Unite business seminar.
  3. Captain's Corner: With October cool comes perfect fishing conditions


    October is the month to be on the water since the temperature is almost perfect for fishing. There are Spanish mackerel, big schools of jacks and blacktip sharks all over the bay and beaches providing nonstop action. While you can catch the jacks on normal inshore tackle, you will have to bump your leader to about 60 pounds to land Spanish mackerel and sharks. Now that stone crab traps are out, look for big schools of breeder reds roaming just off the beach. Once you locate them, hold on. The ones we have been catching have been over 40 inches. If you wish to target them inshore, they continue to be schooled up in upper Tampa Bay. On extremely low water, look for deep holes just off the grass flats. The redfish will not move far off the flat. They move just far enough to find water they are comfortable in. Snook have not made the full transition into their winter homes yet. They continue to hold on the grass flats for now. On high tide they have been holding pretty tight to the mangrove line. A nice scaled sardine under a cork has worked best. It seems to be slowing the bait down a bit and snook are pouncing on it.  …

  4. Road to Atlanta: We're down for the Miami Miracle


    Coral Gables GOAT?  …

    Miami punter Jack Spicer, left, congratulates place kicker Michael Badgley after Badgley kicked a field goal with seconds remaining in the second half of an NCAA College football game, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Fla. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 25-24. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) HRS111
  5. Captain's Corner: Little tunny dominating along coast


    Little tunny or false albacore are hammering large schools of baitfish close to shore along our coast. Most action is close to passes and channels where tidal flow is strongest. Relatively calm conditions allow you to see the action from a distance, since diving terns and gulls mark the spots with fish close to the surface. Some schools of these speedy predators number in the hundreds. Good binoculars allow you to spot the action from a longer distance. Use your outboard to get relatively close, then shut off the gas motor and use an electric to position the boat so the fish will come to you, taking wind and tide into consideration. At least a 9-weight fly rod is needed with a good reel holding at least 150 yards of 30-pound backing. Sinking tip and full sinking lines are preferred as larger fish are often deeper in the water column. After casting into the feeding fish, retrieve the fly fast. Size 4-6 synthetic chartreuse and white fly patterns are best as they are more durable. A 30-pound shock tippet of hard monofilament is needed to prevent cut-offs. …

  6. Editorial: As floodwaters rise, so do government's responsibilities


    During the hurricane season in Florida, it doesn't really matter where you stand on the science of climate change. Particularly if you are standing in hip-deep water. The reality is that flooding is becoming a more prevalent problem, no matter what the reason, and state and local leaders should more aggressively work to prevent it. …

    The St. Johns River rises from storm surge flood waters from Hurricane Irma on Sept. 11, 2017 in Jacksonville. Flooding in downtown Jacksonville along the river topped a record set during Hurricane Dora in 1965. [Photo by Sean Rayford | Getty Images]
  7. Editorial: Special election shows again that attack ads stain public service


    "The end justifies the means" is a slogan you won't see used by a single candidate seeking public office. …

    Attack mailers filled mailboxes toward the end of the campaign for the special GOP primary election Tuesday to fill the seat representing District 58 in the Florida House of Representatives. [SCOTT KEELER   |   Times]
  8. Pasco County real estate transactions for Oct. 13, 2017


    DADE CITY 34049 Triple Crown Ct., to Makenzie M. Brown & Stephen S. Brown by Donald W. Hilderbrand & Jackie L. Hilderbrand, $378,000, 9/14/2017. 12407 Forest Highlands Dr., to Company Alcar & George R. Hubbard by Margaret M. Johnson & Johnson Margaret M Trustee, $345,000, 9/18/2017. …

  9. Captain's Corner: Fish the incoming tide; flats lively


    Seems the bay has had a good flushing over the past month. The draining associated with Hurricane Irma and the flooding with Hurricane Nate has really moved water around. Flats have been lively the past few days. Try to fish the incoming tide when possible. The bite has been hot once the water begins moving in and has remained steady until the water gets too high and the fish move too deep to reach. Bait is on every flat in every size you can imagine. Chumming will work at anytime during the day. Snook have been chewing well with redfish in the mix. As the tide begins moving in, look for schools of mullet in potholes. Chum the waters with a few freebies to see if there is any interest. Once the bite slows, drifting up 25 feet or so will put you in new water as the fish begin migrating toward the back country. As the tide rises and the bite slows, little adjustments can pay big dividends. Once the fish push under the trees, the bite shuts off and the fish move deep to forage on a fresh supply of crabs or any other baitfish they can find. This is a great time to move out to the flats that are higher than normal and take advantage of a hot trout bite. This is when the big ones are around the oyster bars, acting more like snook. …

  10. Nate loses punch on Gulf Coast


    BILOXI, Miss. — As Hurricane Nate cut a path through the central Gulf Coast overnight with roaring winds and a rush of storm-surge flooding, a limb snapped from a tree and landed on the windshield of Terry Gentry's convertible, cracking the glass and bending the hood. His reaction? Intense relief. …

    David Amerson, left, and T.J. Krueger, right, wade through a flooded street during Hurricane Nate, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, in Mobile, Ala.  Hurricane Nate came ashore along Mississippi's coast outside Biloxi early Sunday, the first hurricane to make landfall in the state since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson) ALBA113
  11. Forecast: Heat, humidity in Tampa Bay as Nate bolsters tides


    ST. PETERSBURG — Tampa Bay will see a sweaty heat Sunday, and though more than 400 miles away, Tropical Storm Nate will slightly affect the region, meteorologists forecast. 10News WTSP Feels-like temperatures around the Tampa Bay area  …

    Tampa Bay will see scattered thunderstorms Sunday but more sun throughout the week. [Courtesy 10News WTSP]
  12. Forecast: Hurricane Nate steers clear of Tampa Bay, scattered showers expected this weekend


    While the New Orleans area preps for Nate, Tampa Bay is expected to feel minimal impacts from the Category 2 hurricane. 10News WTSP The latest Tampa Bay-area radar 10News WTSP Feels-like temperatures around the Tampa Bay area Kearbey said Saturday will have cloudy skies along with the afternoon showers. …

    Seven-day forecast for the weekend of Oct. 7, 2017. (WTSP)
  13. Did Nick Saban break LSU, which faces Florida and the future with fretting fans?


    LAROSE, La. — In other parts of the country, Bayou Lafourche might be called a creek. It creeps away from the Mississippi River and passes through this speed-trap town on the way to the Gulf of Mexico, a liquid median between the parallel roads that take unceasing punishment from the 18-wheelers that service the offshore oil rigs. …

    Coach Les Miles had a lot of success at LSU, including winning a national title, but it wasn't enought for some fans. [Associated Press]
  14. Captain's Corner: Snook in transition


    Snook are transitioning from summer holding spots to backwater feeding spots where they will fatten up before heading up creeks and rivers to winter. Targeting edges of grass flats at low tide, we have been picking up redfish, trout and a few snook along the Intracostal Waterway. Live chumming and free-lining pilchards have provided constant action at the end of the outgoing tide and the first hour of the incoming. Creek mouths, and the flats and oyster bars adjacent to them, are also places to find snook and redfish. Concentrating on the higher-tidal stages gives you the best chances at these spots. Once again, live bait has been working well. But keeping out a fresh chunk of cut ladyfish on the bottom has produced larger snook. Cast-netting live bait has been easy along the beaches and pass shoals. Swarms of smaller fry bait can be seen holding just a few feet from shore. Under that small bait, larger, more usable baits can be found. Use a quarter-inch mesh cast net to help prevent gilling the smaller baits. Tripletail encounters have been more numerous the past two weeks. Scan bridge pilings, buoys and crab floats. …

  15. National notes: Willie Taggart's tough test; week for underdogs



    FILE - In this Sept. 2, 2017, file photo, Oregon coach Willie Taggart, center, joins his team as they take the field for an NCAA college football game against Southern Utah in Eugene, Ore.  A number of Pac-12 teams are addressing penalty problems going into the halfway mark of the season. Oregon is among the nation's worst teams when it comes to penalties, with UCLA also seeing lots of yellow flags. (AP Photo/Chris Pietsch, File) NY185
  16. Payday lending faces tough new restrictions by consumer agency


    A federal agency this past week imposed tough new restrictions on the payday-lending industry, which churns out billions of dollars a year in high-interest loans to working-class and poor Americans — including many in Florida. …

    Mickey Mays, managing partner of Thrifty Loans in Ruston, La., says his company would have to close most or all of its 18 stores if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules go into effect.
  17. Lake O hits highest level since 2005, raising concerns its dike could fail


    Rainfall from Hurricane Irma has pushed the water level in Lake Okeechobee to its highest point since 2005. Now, with more wet weather in the forecast, nearby residents fear a collapse of the 80-year-old dike around the lake. …

    Lake Okeechobee is seen from its northern shoreline in July 2016. As of Tuesday, the lake had hit 16.56 feet, the highest level since 2005. Officials fear if it gets much higher it will increase seepage through the lake's dike, causing it to fail. [LOREN ELLIOTT   |   Times]
  18. Forecast: Windy conditions continue as widespread rain returns across Tampa Bay


    After a string of dry days across the Tampa Bay area, rain makes a comeback on Thursday. [WTSP] Check the latest Tampa Bay-area live radar:  …

    Tampa Bay's 7 day forecast. [WTSP]
  19. Frank Starkey: Renaissance man with a vision for downtown New Port Richey


    NEW PORT RICHEY There's a recipe for fueling an urban renaissance, and real estate developer Frank Starkey is betting the city of New Port Richey has the ingredients. He is backing it up with a big investment in three downtown projects. …

    Real estate photos provided by People Places. Before images and "after" plans for a project at Orange Lake
  20. Captain's Corner: Stick close to beaches for reds, snook as winds increase


    The next few days are going to be windy, mostly from the east and northeast. Often the beaches facing west will have calmer waters, and they are currently holding bait within a few feet of shore, easily caught from the boat if the conditions are calm enough. Look for the silver-sided sardines to skip along the top of the water, showing the location of the schools, especially at dawn. Fishing has been strong around the beaches. Troughs and swash channels have held several snook, a few redfish and trout. But as the winds increase, the eastern main shoreline in north Pinellas may be the best bet for calmer waters on the flats. Redfish have been grouping up on the higher tides, foraging on the open flats close to sawgrass and oyster bars. Sandy and shelly bottoms are particularly attractive to redfish. Cut baits under docks are a great way to stay protected from the winds and score bites from reds. Snook are staging around creek mouths in small numbers. As the winds die down, nearshore fishing should crank up.  …

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