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  1. The latest Dispatches: Burn survivor's words are the balm that soothe


    Set for Floridian in Sunday's Times from award-winner John Woodrow Cox: TAMPA — "Joe Versaggi," he said, lightly bumping fists with the young man in the hospital bed. "Burn survivor." Kris Ward, 20, looked at Joe as people almost always do at first. His mouth open and eyes reckoning, he

    Joe Versaggi.
  2. Everybody's read the latest Dispatches from John Woodrow Cox and Melissa Lyttle?


    From the February Floridian in yesterday's Times: TEMPLE TERRACE — The young woman gripping the microphone glided onto the stage, her 4-inch black heels thumping the thin carpet. "Check, check, check," she said. "Mike one." That evening in Temple Terrace, she prepared to headline a concert

    Terri Vee. Gospel rapper.
  3. Pinellas beefing up school police dispatcher job

    The Gradebook

    Pinellas County Schools is tweaking the job description for its police dispatcher — a key figure when a school's in the middle of an emergency situation. The qualifications for the job used to only list a high school diploma (or GED), communication and listening skills, and the willingness

  4. How Melissa Lyttle made the picture that ran with Floridian's latest Dispatches


    the night sky. Yet slightly hopeful with the warm orange glow of the tent. It was moody, without being explicit. It was genuine, and to me, it so perfectly encapsulated the feeling he has about his situation. By design, we only get one photo and about 500 words for the Dispatches from Next Door column, so

    "... to me, it so perfectly encapsulated the feeling he has about his situation."
  5. Gov. Scott dispatches DJJ chief to meet Capitol protesters

    The Buzz

    Gov. Rick Scott met Monday with his juvenile justice secretary, Wansley Walters, and directed her to meet with a group of student protesters who occupy part of the state Capitol for a sixth straight day in opposition to Florida's self-defense law. Scott met with Walters at DJJ's Tallahassee

  6. Pinellas school police don't have computer-aided dispatch system

    The Gradebook

    Unlike most police agencies and school districts, the Pinellas County School District doesn't have a computer-aided dispatch system to track police activity in its schools. That was one interesting point that came out of a recent discussion about a proposal to transfer the school district

  7. Sansom case is dispatched in minutes

    The Buzz

    The Florida House Select Committee on Standards of Official Conduct met Monday morning. The House Select Committee on Standards of Official Conduct moments ago formally dispatched complaint 09-01. Because of Rep. Ray Sansom's resignation, "further action by this committee is rendered moot

  8. Listen to 2012 dispatch from Presidency 5

    The Buzz

    Times Political Editor Adam C. Smith and POLITICO's Alexander Burns report from Presidency 5 in Orlando.

  9. Dispatch from a fanboy: Four reasons why Ben Affleck might not be a bad Batman

    The Feed

    Comic book fanboys woke this morning to jarring news: That the star of Argo and more importantly, the awful superhero film Daredevil, would be the new Batman in a film intended as a sequel to this year’s Superman movie, Man of Steel. But there's a few reasons why fanboys should put away

    Fanboys hating on news that movie star Ben Affleck will be the new Batman should press pause for a moment.
  10. Ice, Ice, Cannon: Dispatches from the Sine Die dance floor

    The Buzz

    It's been a long 60 days. You really can't blame lawmakers for cutting loose, be it raising the roof or dancing the "Dougie," when they get the chance. After a late night at work Thursday, a herd of capitol insiders flocked to The Moon for the annual Sine Die Scholarship Celebration thrown

  11. Obama dispatches big guns to Florida

    The Buzz

    The Atlantic reports, and Obama campaign officials confirm, that the campaign's top two field generals are in Florida, "a sign of its confidence that the state, with 27 electoral votes, is tilting toward the Democratic candidate." Steve Hildebrand, the deputy campaign manager, will oversee

  12. Photo dispatches from primary day

    The Buzz

    Jesse Einstein, of Miami, does some last minute campaigning for Bill Richardson while Sara Smith, of New London, New Hampshire, campaigns for Barack Obama in front of Whipple Memorial Town Hall in New London. Stay tuned for more dispatches from the New Hampshire primary. Times photos

  13. Split EMS advisory group says Pinellas County should continue priority dispatch roll out

    Bay Buzz

    LARGO -- The question of funding is only one of several battles being waged over Pinellas County's emergency medical services system. One of the other hot conflicts centers on priority dispatch, a method of getting the appropriate equipment and manpower to a sick or injured person. Members

  14. Photo dispatch: McCain visits Tampa

    The Buzz

    Karen Dohrenwend of Temple Terrace holds signs up at the first rally she's attended for John McCain, which is being held at the Tampa Convention Center today. Dohrenwend plans on voting for McCain because as a single mom of four boys, she worries most about women's issues, national security

  15. D38 dispatch: Forgeries, Castro, money, rules complaints, yo mama

    The Buzz

    Nothing quite like Senate District 38. File a complaint against a candidate, and the next thing you know you’ll be accused of being in league with Fidel Castro and his band of spies. And then someone's mom gets dragged into it. And then each side suggests the other is committing forgeries. So

  16. Dispatches from the frontline of the annexation wars: Kenneth City vs. Lealman, part II

    Bay Buzz

    The last time Lealman Fire District officials got into a snit about Kenneth City’s annexations, it cancelled the longstanding contract to deliver fire service to the town. Rather than backing down and promising to never again annex into Lealman, the Town Council turned to Pinellas Park for fire

  17. CDC team on way to Florida to help fight Zika, WH says

    The Buzz

    President Obama is being briefed on the Zika situation in South Florida and a Centers for Disease Control team is being deployed to help, a White House spokesman said today. The team will be dispatched "in short order so that we will be able to work with Gov. Scott’s team on the ground in South

  18. Winners in other key Florida congressional primaries

    The Buzz

    : Darren Soto beat Dena Grayson, wife of Alan Grayson, as well as Susannah Randolph for the Democratic nomination. District 10: Val Demings easily won, dispatching Geraldine Thompson and Bob Poe for the Democratic nomination. District 18: Brian Mast beat Rebecca Negron, wife of incoming Florida Senate

  19. Photos: Hanging on G-Eazy's bus backstage at Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre

    Sound Check

    What's life really like for an ascendant pop star on the road? On Sunday in Tampa, G-Eazy gave us a look. The rising rap superstar behind the hit Me, Myself and I was performing at Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre alongside Logic, Yo Gotti and others, and he invited Times Pop Music

    G-Eazy walks through his tour bus as it's parked outside the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa on July 17, 2016.
  20. State confirms 10 new Zika cases, prompting CDC travel warning in Miami

    The Buzz

    . Following the announcement of 10 more cases, Scott requested that the CDC dispatch an emergency response team to assist the Florida Department of Health in testing cases and controlling mosquitoes. On Friday, the state announced new precautions to combat Zika, which is linked to a birth defect called

    The one-square-mile area where state health officials believe Zika has been spreading by mosquito.

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