Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Controversial ZooTampa vet called himself "rogue" in book
The book was self-published seven months before federal officials said they had "credible reports" he mistreated manatees and may have killed two by accident.
Published on 11/15/18
Updated on 11/16/18
Pinellas hotels report 6 percent dip in room sales since Red Tide hit
Pinellas County is still on track to break its bed-tax collection record, even though Red Tide has showed little sign of letting up.
Published on 11/14/18
Updated on 11/15/18
Innovative Red Tide bad air forecast tool working well, but info can be hard to find
An experimental tool to provide forecasts for which beaches have bad air because of Red Tide seems to be working, but users are having trouble finding its important information.
Published on 11/13/18
Vet for Tampa zoo accused of killing manatees through malpractice
Published on 10/30/18
Updated on 11/01/18
Fall in Florida? Cue the stinky Skunk Ape.
Florida is bright and sunny, but we have our share of dark and haunted places, not to mention creepy creatures like the Skunk Ape and the Bardin Booger.
Published on 10/25/18