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Congratulations to winner Nat DePergola,
and runner-up Tiffany White
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3 Easy Step: Register. Upload. Win $1,000

How to Enter
1) Create an account
2) Upload your video
3) You'll be automatically entered to win

IMPORTANT: When you title your video, use this pattern:
First Name, Last Name - City - Talent
John Doe - Tampa - Electric Slide, oh my!

What do you mean by talent?
If you can draw a caricature, ride your bike backwards, karate chop a block in half, spin a wild yarn, or make a beautiful paella, all you have to do is get it on video. You can speed up or slow down the natural process in order to fit a 15 - 30 second video clip. Videos will be judged on total entertainment value.

Can I sing a popular song as my talent?
We're sure that you do a mean rendition of Genie in a Bottle, but we can't accept any video that includes the use of copyrighted lyrics, songs, television or movie clips. For information on music that may be eligible, visit the Public Domain Information Project.

Can I enter a video of my child performing a talent?
Sure! If you can demonstrate that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child in the video and that you are entering the contest yourself, not on behalf of the child. All videos of children will be verified to ensure that they were submitted by a parent or legal guardian.

Can I enter a video of my pet performing a talent?
Great question! All videos must include human beings. If you've trained your rabbit to dance, your dog to eat with chopsticks, or your parrot to say rocks! just make sure that you appear in the video with them and that the video is entered under your legal name.

Am I eligible to win?
Before you get started, be sure to review the contest rules and terms of use to ensure that you're eligible to participate. Here are the basics: You must be at least 18 years old to enter and a resident of one of the following Florida counties: Pasco, Citrus, Manatee, Polk, Hernando, Sarasota, Hillsborough or Pinellas.

How do I remove a video that I've uploaded?
To have a video clip removed, please contact from the same email address that you used to submit the video.

How will the winner be contacted?
The winner will be contacted by email once the contest has wrapped up. Make sure that you get your email address right when you submit your video.