Insourcing, stateside
Based in Mumbai, India, the Tata company was founded in 1868 and has grown into a conglomerate of 98 companies that makes, among other things, cars, tea and watches. It recently purchased Corus Steel for $12-billion and Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3-billion. Tata runs luxury hotels on five continents. Its chairman, Ratan Tata, 70, is a Cornell graduate.

Of all its subsidiaries, Tata Consultancy Services, the information technology arm of the company, is the largest and most profitable. Approximately a third of Tata's 350,000 employees work for TCS.

Nielsen, a media and marketing research company, opened a $130-million global technology and information center in Oldsmar in 2003, its largest facility in the world. This year, Nielsen laid off local workers in favor of TCS workers from India. TCS has expanded aggressively into the North American market and works with coporations such as AIG, Chrysler and Boeing.

1. Each point on the map is clickable. Clicking on the point will reveal information about what happened at that location.
2. After clicking on a point, you can use the long vertical slider bar on the left side to zoom in on the point. In the map view, you'll be able to see landmarks, cities and roads surrounding the banks.
3. After zooming in on a point, try clicking on the satellite or hybrid buttons on the top right side of the map. The Satellite button will bring in satellite imagery for the area. The hybrid map will also bring in satellite images, as well as road maps to provide context.

Map by Darla Cameron.

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