Ownership vs. rental: Southern Pinellas County

A mixture of home owners and renters has long been common in Florida neighborhoods. But the balance shifted after the housing boom, a St. Petersburg Times analysis of property records shows. From urban streets to gated communities, the percentage of single-family homes without homestead exemptions has increased in Pinellas County. That means more homes are owned by nonresidents, likely to be rented or remain vacant.

Understanding the data
Neighborhoods tinted red have seen an increase in nonhomesteaded single-family homes of more than 10 percent between 2003 and 2008. Purple is used for neighborhoods that showed an increase of 10 percent or less, or an decrease of 10 percent or less. Blue represents neighborhoods with a decrease in non-homesteaded single family homes of more than 10 percent.
Using this map
Drag and zoom the using your mouse, and click a neighborhood to bring up a chart of its numbers. If you're using Internet Explorer, or if you have trouble using the map and its overlay, click here to open the map in a pop-up window.
Catherine E. Shoichet, John Martin and Matthew Waite | Times Staff Writers