To commemorate the Super Bowl's return to Tampa Bay next February, we chose 25 nominees for the most memorable moment in the championship game's history. But which is the MOST memorable? For that, we turned to you.

We'll reveal the results over the course of the season, starting Sept. 7 and culminating with the top moment the Friday before the Super Bowl.

Look under "Your all time favorites" each week as we reveal your choices in reverse order!

You can still watch all 25 slideshows, and we'll feature the current moment in our slideshow player at the top of the page.

Super Bowl I: Max McGee's amazing catch
Super Bowl III: Overlooking Jimmy Orr
Super Bowl V: John Mackey's ricochet reception
Super Bowl VII: Garo's goof
Super Bowl X: Spectacular Swann dive
Super Bowl XI: Willie Brown's record return
Super Bowl XII: Butch Johnson's aerial gem
Super Bowl XIII: Jackie Smith's agonizing drop
Super Bowl XV: Kenny King's record romp
Super Bowl XVI: The Stand
Super Bowl XVII: The Diesel dashes the Dolphins
Super Bowl XVIII: Marcus Allen's magnificent improv
Super Bowl XXI: Phil and Phil's Fabulous Flea Flicker
Super Bowl XXII: Doug Williams' touch pass to history
Super Bowl XXIII: Montana-to-Taylor masterpiece
Super Bowl XXV: Norwood's wide-right misery
Super Bowl XXVII: Beebe guns it to get Lett
Super Bowl XXXI: Desmond Howard's return to glory
Super Bowl XXXII: John Elway's helicopter heroics
Super Bowl XXXIV: Jones holds off Dyson
Super Bowl XXXVI: Vinatieri's clutch kick
Super Bowl XXXVII: Derrick Brooks seals the deal
Super Bowl XXXVIII: Tom Brady plays it cool
Super Bowl XL: El of a touchdown pass
Super Bowl XLII: Manning and Tyree-fic catch