Cuba after Fidel Castro
End of an era
After nearly half a century as Cuba's president, ailing leader Fidel Castro resigned the position early on February 19, 2008, saying that he would not accept a new term.
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  • Longest rule in the world
    The end of Castro's rule - the longest in the world for a head of government - frees his 76-year-old brother Raul to implement reforms he has hinted at since taking over as acting president when Fidel Castro fell ill in July 2006.
  • David Adams reports: Cuba Q&A -- Who's in charge?
    Times Latin America correspondent on the significance of Castro's resignation.
Associated Press
  • Castro steps down
    For nearly five decades, Fidel Castro, who took control of Cuba in 1959, resisted repeated U.S. attempts to oust him and survived communism's demise elsewhere. His story, and the island nation's story, are intertwined.
Previous reports
  • 2007: New Castro, same Cuba
    With Raul Castro in charge, talk of economic reform sweeps the island as state farming fails.
  • 2006: Everyday Cuba
    Rare glimpses of mundane life in Cuba, the routine resourcefulness that gets people through the day.
How others covered Castro
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