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Holiday Gadget Guide
Millions of gadgets in the world — how do you choose? Eight of our Times experts dig into their wish lists to tell you what they recommend this season. Sure, you could visit Consumer Reports for recommended electronics gifts, Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide or Gizmodo (and we suggest you do). But would they tell you about a water temperature gauge great for fishing in the gulf? We didn't think so.
Put the latest gadgets in technology under your tree.
Live smart
  • Web gadgets
    Online operations specialist Jeremy Bowers recommends a netbook, a photo frame you can update from your phone and, oh yeah, the iPhone.
  • PC gadgets
    Solutions columnist John Torro recommends a new mouse from Microsoft, a gadget to turn your PC into a guitar practice megabox and a nifty video transfer tool.
  • Video gadgets
    Senior video producer Jack Rowland recommends three tools to make your home videos less painful: a light, a steadying device and a microphone.
  • Organizer gadget
    Sharon Kennedy Wynne recommends the one tech device she can't imagine life without: her red BlackBerry Curve.
Live fun
  • Music gadgets
    Pop music critic Sean Daly recommends a floating iPod case, a party-ready turntable and the mother of all car stereos.
  • Television gadgets
    TV/media critic Eric Deggans recommends devices that put TV on your phone, Web videos on your TV and one smart television.
  • Video game gadgets
    The Juice blogger Joshua Gillin recommends video game add-ons that put in your hands a light saber, a Gears of War weapon and a drum set that takes a beating.
  • Outdoors gadgets
    Outdoors editor Terry Tomalin recommends a fishing thermometer, a watch that will tell you when a storm's coming and a must-have handheld GPS device.
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