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Live Webcam: Watch Winter in her tank at the aquarium.

Winter's tale
Now known the world over, Winter the dolphin is the subject of a major movie, Dolphin Tale; an inspiration to many; and a valued resident of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, whose trainers and staff worked valiantly to save the severely injured dolphin when she arrived near death in 2006.

This page contains news stories of Winter the dolphin's rescue, chronicles the ups and downs of the quest to get her a prosthetic tail and includes videos and stories of her interaction with the many disabled people -- especially children -- who are drawn to her amazing story of survival and hope.

Dolphin Tale

Ever since the movie was announced, film critic Steve Persall and the Times have documented the filming, the actors and the effects on the Tampa Bay area. Our earliest coverage can be found at the bottom of this column.

Game review
Video of Winter's rescue Video of Winter's rescue
  • Saving Winter
    Meet fisherman Jim Savage, who encountered the dying baby dolphin, and watch actual footage of Winter's rescuers as they raced to save the young calf's life on a cold, wintry day in 2005.
  • Winter's miracle recovery, through the eyes of her trainer
    Clearwater Marine Aquarium dolphin trainer Abby Stone talks about Winter's miracle recovery and her preparation for the movie "Dolphin Tale"
  • A budding star
    Winter proves she's not shy in front of the cameras as CMA director David Yates talked about what the movie means to the area and the aquarium.
  • Movie announcement
    Aquarium CEO David Yates reveals that a film is being made of Winter's life.
  • Meeting Winter
    Ohio resident Brock Mealer survived a horrific car crash and was paralyzed. But now he's walking with canes, inspired, in part, by Winter's story.
Coverage of Winter

When Winter the dolphin arrived in Clearwater, little did anyone know how her story would end. Our early coverage begins three months after she was found, and chronicles the incredible obstacles she faced to get a new tail. Read about her progress, from the earliest story at the bottom of this column.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

This small unassuming attraction and rehab facility has seen a major influx of money and prestige. Read about its progress, with our earliest coverage found at the bottom of this column.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Our special series: Winter's tale

This four-part series originally appeared in the Times in late 2008. John Barry, who would later be named a Pulitzer Prize finalist for this story, started from the beginning and created a compelling story about the little dolphin who inspired others to help her, and then in turn helped others with her courage.

Inspiring others

Once the story of Winter and her new tail spread, she became a courageous symbol for thousands of people, many of them also missing limbs. Read some of these heartwarming stories, starting with the earliest ones at the bottom of this column.

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